“Bring Me Victory” by My Dying Bride

Artist: My Dying Bride
Title: “Bring Me Victory” EP
Label: Peaceville Records
Release Date: 10/26/2009
Genre: Melodic Gothic/Doom Metal
Rating: 3.75/5

If you have not picked up a copy of My Dying Bride’s “For Lies I Sire” then you must do so but first sink your Doom Metal teeth into this tasty EP that brings you a few surprises from the band by way of an album track, two covers, a live tune and a video. Enticing right? You would be correct in that assumption because while we get a powerful track from the new release with this EP’s title track “Bring Me Victory”, it’s the covers that remind us of why this band remains so important to the Doom Metal genre and Metal in general. First they give us their own version of the traditional song “Scarborough Fair” which works rather well and give the fans that enjoyed the Queensryche and Leaves’ Eyes rendition another Metal one to add to their music player. Its slower and more cryptic than the other renditions and works really, really well. Next up comes the cover of the Swans tune “Failure”. Admitedly this was a band that I never really followed but MDB does a powerful rendition of the tune that is now branded with their own unique signature. We get a live tune which originally appeared on their “As The Flower Withers” CD and was recorded in Belgium in 2008. This tune does not appear on the bands live CD/DVD “An Ode To Woe” so having it here will not give you any duplication that might prove annoying. The video for “Bring Me Victory” must be played in your PC or MAC and I guess would work in a DVD player that allows you to use media such as this, but since mine does not, I was left to using the laptop/desktop to enjoy it. While the video can be enjoyed online for free and doesn’t necessarily need to be owned unless you are a maniac for the bands stuff, at least by purchasing this EP you get a few additional cool treats.

The artwork is best described as “bleak” on the two page foldout and while I would have liked a little more to be presented I will not make this an issue after absorbing the fine EP. Bon appétit.

Track Listing:
1. Bring Me Victory
2. Scarborough Fair
3. Failure
4. Last Choirs (live)
5. Bring Me Victory – Video

Official Website: http://www.mydyingbride.net/

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