Breaking: City Winery’s New York Flagship To Relocate By 2020

The Press Release:
City Winery’s 30,000-square-foot location on Varick Street has been purchased by Disney, forcing the business to relocate. City Winery New York was the first of 6 national locations and been in the Hudson Square neighborhood for a decade. Disney acquired the entire block from the Trinity Church Real Estate-owned site to build a one million-square foot New York headquarters.

“We have had a very strong relationship with Trinity over the years and knew that the demolition of our building was ultimately unavoidable. We
hope to work with them to find a suitable location given their substantial property holdings. Trinity, and now Disney, has continued to express that
City Winery is a significant cultural asset to the neighborhood and would like us to stay in the area,” stated Michael Dorf, CEO and Founder of City

City Winery intends to find, secure and begin construction on their new New York City location before the end of 2018. The official opening is planned
for January 1, 2020 — which is when they must vacate Varick Street. “It is inevitable in a city like New York that 2-story buildings will eventually
yield to taller ones. It is unfortunate to see historically significant 120-year old brick-and-beam gems get swapped for 50-story generic glass towers. The character of the neighborhood changed when Trump’s tower went up. It is my hope that the design of this new Disney building – and the millions of
square feet Google is adding to their office – will be a positive addition to the dynamism of our vibrant community,” Dorf added.

The new City Winery location will bring the brand’s unique character to whichever neighborhood they ultimately relocate to. Dorf is excited to plant
their new flagship in a bigger, better, and improved space. Over the past 10 years, City Winery has perfected their business model and learned what
works best for the company. The new venue will maintain its signature 300-capacity intimate concert hall but also feature improved kitchens, private
event spaces, a second smaller 150-­‐capacity performance space, and functional winemaking facilities. Dorf plans to finalize the location as soon
as possible.

About City Winery: City Winery, founded in 2008, strives to deliver the highest-end combined culinary and cultural experience to urban wine enthusiasts. City Winery currently boasts 6 locations: its flagship venue in New York with The Loft space one floor above, Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, Boston and Washington DC. There are also 2 offsets run by the company: City Vineyard at Pier 26 and City Winery Chicago at the Riverwalk. City Winery is continuing to look into new markets moving forward into 2019.

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’m in the city for events and shows no less than three times a week and I can tell those who only get here every once in awhile, that our metropolis is a constantly shifting and morphine organism. Vacant lots are prepared where businesses that you went to for years no longer stand and smaller apartment buildings are torn down to become luxury high rises or hotels for those who have the cash to stay in them. Speaking honestly, I’ve never been to the Winery but I’ve always wanted to. It’s just been a matter of scheduling with shows that I was looking into but despite my lack of attendance I know a lot of people who love this place and go here often. I hope that they find a new location earlier than planned and can get to work on it because we seem to have already lost B.B. King’s for the Sony Hall, and Roseland is long gone now while Webster Hall continues to be rebuilt into god only knows what kind of event space. I’ll remain hopeful but don’t have to tell you that 2020 will be here before you know it so good luck gang.

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