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Brandon Routh To Join The Cast Of “Arrow” S3

Once most famously known for being a terrific Superman in a horrible film (“Superman Returns” if you didn’t see it); earlier today it was announced that Brandon Routh will join the cast of The CW Networks hit action show “Arrow” as Ray Palmer. Of course comics fans know him more by the image below 🙂

Photo - The Atom

Yep, The Atom will be the next character that this really entertaining show brings to life and who knows, perhaps this will eventually lead to a crossover with the upcoming “The Flash” series as well. I have to say that I have been very satisfied with “Arrow” as a show even though it has taken a few liberties with characters that I have known most of my comic geek life, but at the end of the day they are making it work and its always a thrill ride that makes you look forward to the next episode. What are your thoughts on this addition to the show? Do you watch it? Let me know in the comments as I would love some added views on this move.

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