Born Of Osiris To Lead Charge On Sumerian Records “10 Year Tour” In 2016

With the high temperatures we are finding in my own neck of the woods on this first day of Winter, one has to think that this particular tour can be held outside if we don’t get some proper cold but in any event, this Sumerian Records “10 Year Tour” is sure to be one of the hottest highlights of the new year. I’ve copied the official statement from label chief Ash Avildsen along with the poster for you below and then we can briefly discuss. Take a look.

Tour - Born Of Osiris - Winter 2016

The Press Release: This comes directly from Sumerian Records label maestro Ash Alvildsen “”Born of Osiris, VEIL OF MAYA and After The Burial have all played a crucial role in the new wave of progressive, heavy music and in the pedigree of Sumerian Records. They are some of the most genuine, hard-working and talented musicians I have had the privilege to work with. I vividly remember first seeing all three of them play together at a tiny legion hall in a small town in Illinois when Sumerian was less than a year old and they were all unsigned. I can proudly say that without BOO, VOM and ATB together on the label, Sumerian would not have become the entity it is today. I am honored to have this midwest menagerie be carrying the 10 Year Tour and excited for our new comers in ERRA and Bad Omens. Thank you to all the fans who support the bands and the music. Without you, none of this would be possible. See you in the pit.”

Tour Dates: (See Poster above)

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Hey there is not much more I can add to the founders statement because Ash gets right down to the nitty gritty point. This is going to be a Who’s Who of Metal stars that helped make this label something to talk about and a festival highlight so if any of these names have helped make a difference in your Metal life you know that you are going to want to be there. I’ve seen the top three acts on this roster on numerous occasions and can tell you that the amount of breakdowns that will come your way that night will be incalculable. There should be a contest of some kind, who wants to run with that? I cannot guarantee that I will offer any prizes up but it would be awesome to learn the tally after the shows end. I’ve never seen the bands Erra or Bad Omens to my knowledge but if I can myself into the show that night in late February at the Gramercy Theatre you know I am going to give their sound a shot. So tell me readers, who is excited for this tour and what it brings to the table? Maybe some of you who have caught the groups before can offer up some added thoughts on what the newbie should expect. Let me know in the comments below as they have been left open for you to do so.

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