“Bootlegged In Boston 1988” by Hades

Artist: Hades
Title: “Bootlegged In Boston 1988”
Label: Cruz Del Sur Music
Release Date: 11/2008
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 2.5/5

Capturing New Jersey’s own Metal sons Hades in action way back in time when the group opened a set for Manowar and Nuclear Assault comes “Bootlegged In Boston 1988”. The title makes no bones about this being a bootleg as the film is definitely taken from the audience somewhere and often confuses the viewer with fast pans to the left, right, up, down and well, you get the picture. Of course while this kind of bootleg film does not always appeal to me I was happy to see that these guys dug up some vintage footage for their fans who are probably finding themselves pining for the “could have been” nature of the band. For their time of existence as Hades they were a top notch outfit of traditional sounding Thrash Metal with a nice dose of your Old School vibe tossed in for good measure. Of course in 1988 these aspects of Metal were neither traditional nor old school and very simply were how this stuff was being done by many bands that were performing on the stages of the day. The members of the band were Alan Tecchio (vocals), Dan Lorenzo (guitar), Ed Fuhrman (guitar), Tom Coombs (drums), and Jimmy Schulman (bass) and while they had been building a steady fan base they would disband in 1989. Their brief return years later would find a few albums released and again a parting of the ways. Lorenzo then formed Non-Fiction and most recently The Cursed with Overkill’s Bobby Blitz and this film, while not for everyone based on the overall content and quality, is a nice way to remember the group in their early years. Visually this drove me a little batty at times because of the club spotlights and the all too quick shifts in the camera angle. Of course we are probably dealing with a friend of the band whose task it was to document the gig for them. The audio aspect was surprisingly good and that I did not expect especially after seeing hundreds of bootleg video recordings over the years with absolutely dismal sound. The band pounds through seven tracks which appears to be the full set that they did for the show they were the opener on.

A documentary called “Inside the Metal” is included as a bonus feature which finds the guys looking back on their accomplishments and recordings together and basing on how this segment looks; the interviews seem to have taken place a number of years ago as well. It’s nice to see some super vintage rehearsal and live footage that is outside of the main part of the program being offered but at the end of the day this might be one of those releases which is more geared to the Metal historian or someone from the bands hard core fan base who had never truly recovered well from the band’s absence on the Metal scene. I would also say if you were a fan of guitarist Lorenzo from Non-Fiction and wanted to absorb a healthy idea of his rise in music that this might be something you enjoy. The frenetic delivery of the footage is largely what my rating is based on and of course this would matter not to someone who has been looking for this stuff for years. Diehard only please with this one is my final word and still an enjoyable ride.

Track Listing:
1. Opinionate
2. The Leaders?
3. Diplomatic Immunity
4. In The Meantime
5. Aftermath Of Betrayal
6. I Too Eye
7. Nightstalker

Official Website: http://www.hadesusa.com

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