Book Expo America 2013 Starts Today!!!

After seeing all our reports on the Comic Con and Toy Fair over the last few years, the more tenured site visitors are fully aware how we just love a good convention here at the PiercingMetal High Command. That being said I am super excited to say that the Book Expo America for 2013 will be starting today down at the Javits Center.

Technically speaking, the first day is a very limited day unless you are attending conferences and such. Its also the day that the Remainders and Sidelines pavilions will be open and fully awaiting your attention. That section requires you to keep a keen eye on the shelves because you might find some awesome stuff there. I did when I last attended two years ago. PiercingMetal will be hitting the Expo starting on Thursday May 30th along with our good buddy Skeleton Pete and I hope to chance upon some of you readers at this awesome event. My plan is to find not only the music related properties that fall in line with my core site coverage but also a lot of the comics media stuff that we pay a lot of attention to on the blog. Since I missed last year I can say right now that I am really looking forward to attending this time around.

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