“Bon-Jovi: The Story Of My Life” by Bon-Jovi

Artist: Bon Jovi
Title: “Bon-Jovi: The Story Of My Life”
Label: Locomotive Music
Release Date: 6/27/2006
Style: Documentary
Rating: 4/10

I cannot argue about the level of appeal that Bon Jovi has had on commercial Hard Rock music. The sales that most of his back catalog has achieved is absolutely mind boggling. If you grew up in the Hair Rock 80’s and leaned to the more commercially appealing Rocker then there is a good chance that some of his songs will bring back special memories to you. Taking all of this into consideration I approached this DVD documentary with a little bit of interest until I got deeper into watching it. For starters there is no Bon Jovi music present on the entire thing and instead some other band performs a relatively tepid music score as the documentary runs. The footage of Bon Jovi himself seems to be primarily stock footage you have seen before and the few interviews with John and Richie are from 20 years ago. It makes the commentary about relatively recent releases a little confusing based on the visuals. The film does talk to people from around Jon’s hometown of Sayreville NJ and even some who cite that they were an early part of his and the bands life yet I really didn’t take any useful information from these contributors. I felt I learned more from VH1 Specials or Classic Album shows than I took from this DVD. To be brutally honest I have a problem with “unauthorized” releases like this because they really don’t give the viewer the goods.

Limited representation of the person they are about and sub par footage and commentary, I feel that this is for the purists only who need everything about Bon Jovi more than someone interested in documentaries. This did not manage to keep my interest for very long but I found one cool spot in the “Bad Medicine” tribute band who get their fifteen minutes of video fame by being on this release.

Official Web site: www.bonjovi.com

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