Bodh’aktan in Concert (9/19/2013)

One of the greatest things about the music scene in NYC is that it’s the music scene in NYC and that pretty much means that on any given night, in any given region you can enjoy a wide variety of live music that often leaves you screaming for more. Yes, we do have some of the most awesome places to see a live performance and I am not just speaking about the big venues and concert arenas but I am also talking about the smaller clubs and bars that go the extra mile and let us enjoy something new for sometimes as low as $8 to get in. In this economy that is a very good thing because its the same price as a pint of beer. That said, I recently had the chance to check out a showcase set by the band Bodh’aktan who hail from Quebec and were performing in a place called Connolly’s Bar and Restaurant in the heart of Times Square. You can check out the full on concert narrative and all the photos by clicking the bands logo below, but then do please come back here as I have snagged some videos and side images that you will only easily find presented here.

Here’s the cool invitation graphic that the band was using. I love the “Bat Signal” use that they employed.

Invite - Bodhaktan NYC

My long time readers know that I like to snare some stage visuals if they are at all possible so here are some of the instruments that were set up and some stage notes. Depending on your vantage point the audience seldom gets to see any notes and we like showcasing them since its cool to see what the band sees at times.



You know you are at a Celtic Rock gig when you see a pint of Guinness right up there with the microphone and other stuff. On that note, I best order up a new one for myself.





Here’s a shot of the guys just moments after their set had ended. I had to make sure we captured that particular visual on their very first visit to our city after all. They were tired but obliged me.


Of course I also had to get in on the action since I had so much fun and this shot was taken by their manager who would not let me return the favor to him at all. Thanks a lot for snagging me for sure.


Now I mentioned that I snared a few videos of the guys doing their thing a little earlier in hopes that they entice you into catching them in concert should they return to NYC or be near wherever it is you happen to be. Enjoy these clips and be sure to subscribe to the Official PiercingMetal YouTube channel when you have a moment. I would love to have you along with us there.

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