Bloodbath Postpones 2018 North American Tour

Do you folks remember a few months ago when we shared the news about the return of Bloodbath to US Shores? Well, since that time there has been a rather sad change in the plans. Check out the bands official statement from their Facebook.

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The Press Release:
It’s with an immense mix of anger, frustration and sadness that we’re forced to announce the following news…

We will not be flying out tomorrow to begin our first North American tour we all so much looked forward to playing.

We’ve been rehearsing and preparing this for months and our gear and bags are packed ready by the doorstep, but sadly due to the US Immigration and Embassy making a mistake with our visas, they couldn’t fix it in time and reissue it.

We hoped we never would have to make this kind of announcement, we were still trusting they would issue it in time to the very bitter end, but now with less than 24hrs to go, we have to accept our fate, it ain’t gonna happen.

We’re so sorry for all of you who bought a ticket and made plans to come see Bloodbath!

On any kind of positive note, we WILL be rescheduling (nothing else is acceptable!) and prepare to play the tour as soon as possible. More news on refunds etc. ASAP.

The Cancelled Dates:
5/23 – Regent Theater, Los Angeles, CA
5/24 – Modified Ghost Festival, Vancouver, BC
5/25 – Maryland Deathfest, Baltimore, MD
5/26 – Brighton Music Hall, Boston, MA
5/27 – Irving Plaza, New York, NY
5/28 – Phoenix Concert Theater, Toronto, ON
5/29 – Corona, Montreal, QC

*** end of transmission ***

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I think its pretty safe to say that if you are a band from the other side of the USA at this point that you really better get an earlier and more on point focus to your visas. Under the current administration with all his anti-foreign visiting rhetoric, it’s in your best interests to dot every “i” and cross every “t” and then have someone double-check it all. The visa problems report is far too often of late and I don’t see it ending at any time soon.

Official Website:

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