“Bloodbath And Beyond” by GWAR

Artist: GWAR
Title: “Bloodbath And Beyond”
Label: DRT Entertainment
Release Date: 6/20/2006
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 2.5/5

Straight from the “GWAR-chives” comes this award-show meets career retrospective “Bloodbath And Beyond” hosted by singer Oderus Urungus (Dave Brockie) and band manager Sleazy P. Martini. The pair sits in director’s chairs ala Siskel & Ebert and line out the award that GWAR has received by showcasing various points in the bands career. While the footage is pretty dark at times it does take you back to the earliest instances of GWAR on the live stage with one of them taking you back to the bands infancy as they are hardly masked and costumed. The segments are broken down by Oderus and Sleazy and titled “That’s F**ked Up” and “Techno Destroyer” as these parts of the show over the years are highlighted. Be aware that GWAR does some pretty outrageous and disgusting things on the concert stage and most of it is unacceptable behavior in every sector of the galaxy. Yet for those who have supported the group at their shows know very well what these sections entail and I can only sum it all up under the following phrases, zombies, slaves, monsters, sex and dismemberment. Good clean fun in the world of GWAR and their fans can once again enjoy the moments of concert footage with “Scrotum Moon” and “Techno Destructo” who were only a few of the cast of characters in the GWAR ensemble outside of the musicians themselves. Not enough attention is paid to the actual characters like Jizmak and Beefcake which would have made this a little more interesting but you do see them in action along with Slymenstra Hymen, the main female character for a number of years. A lot of the footage jumps around and is at points difficult to follow. This is not actually a problem for if you see GWAR in concert there are segments of the show where you will also lose track of the goings-on. Having seen them on occasions I always wondered how they kept all the chaos together. Given this is done as a mini-movie, it ends in typical fashion with GWAR killing people in righteous vengeance for their insolence.

Bonus features include a couple of short features such as “Poor Ol Tom” and “Filthy Chunks”, which alone merit the parental advisory sticker. It’s not a recommended segment for the weak stomached and pretty much amounts to “Monster Pornography & Murder”. Nothing that has not been done onstage by the band of course but that goes without saying. “Hello-O” Medley and a “Christopher Pike” sketch by Sleazy. This is not for everyone but if you love GWAR this is definitely for you. There are those that will be offended by the contents and if they come upon this by accident there is a good chance that they will require therapy. There are others who will watch and be more curious to seeing GWAR perform and this is a good thing since the band is always looking for fresh meat.

Track Listing (partial):
1. Sick Of You
2. Salaminizer
3. Maggots
4. Gor Gor
5. Poor Ole Tom
6. Filthy Chunks

Official Web site: www.gwar.net

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