Lifetime Television’s “Blood Ties”: Season One Boxed Set

Lifetime Television has really come a long way from its consistent airings of episodes of “The Nanny” and “The Golden Girls” by periodically offering up some interesting dramas that cater to more than just a their typical female audience. One such program was the highly rated “Blood Ties”, which is essentially a crime drama with a vampire twist. Think “Law & Order” meets “Dracula” if you need to draw a quick idea of what we are getting at. Sadly I never saw an episode of this program when it was airing on the Lifetime Network, but I had really enjoyed the very similar show that ran on CBS entitled “Moonlight”. I was sad to find this show being cancelled just when some character development was happening and that’s what made getting my hands on the full first season DVD set for “Blood Ties” so special. The show works with a similar premise where there is a Private Investigator working outside of the conventional Law Enforcement officials and in the middle of this is the presence of a vampire. The main difference from this and “Moonlight” is that the vampire is not the PI and is instead just a typical “normal” vampire who keeps his needs sustained via the usual means and by being a comic book, or “graphic novel” artist as he explains in the show. The PI in this case is Vicky Nelson (played by Christina Cox) who has left the police force after an accident that left her partially blind. During the two part pilot episode Nelson is hired by a Gothic girl (Gina Holden) who wants her to investigate the mysterious murder of her boyfriend. As the show progresses we find that the reasoning for this is based on demons, evil vampires and spells and this brings our charming vampire ally Mr. Fitzroy (Kyle Schmid) into the fray. You see he seeks to stop this evil from returning to our world and after some back and forth with Nelson it is not long before Fitzroy reveals his true nature to her and the pair begin working together until they strike against the powers of darkness with success. The episode closes out with Vicky taking the young Goth under her wing as an assistant where she will now work at the investigations firm with her. Vicky also frequently butts heads with her former partner and ex-lover on the police force, Mike Celucci (played by Dylan Neal).

The show is based on the “Blood Book” novels by Tanya Huff who was a big fan of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and other similar programs before she came up with the idea for the series. If you are a fan of things that go bump in the night and shows like the long gone “Buffy” and recently cancelled “Moonlight” then you would definately enjoy the show. There is the occasional other vampire or zombie and other creature of the night making an appearance for the sake of the shows supernatural nature and despite minor violence there is no colorful language or super graphic gore to worry about. This was a network show after all.

The First Season is made up of thirteen episodes that span the four DVD’s in the set. There are no commercials obviously, so the new fan can easily get up to speed in a matter of hours. The menus are easy to navigate and there is one special feature which amounts to a Behind The Scenes segment. At the time of this writing I know the the other episodes of the remaining 22 that were filmed will amount to Season Two and based on the positive ratings that the first go round recieved I am sure that Lifetime will waste no time in getting them aired for the dare I say “ravenous” fans. I had to say that I liked it enough to continue following it into the second season and hope that the network stands behind the show and allows it to keep going. The popularity found in movies like “Twilight” and shows like “True Blood” (an HBO offering) prove that people love vampires and any stories about them.

1. Blood Price (part one)
2. Blood Price (part two)
3. Bad Juju
4. Gifted
5. Deadly Departed
6. Love Hurts
7. Heart Of Ice
8. Heart Of Fire
9. Stone Cold
10. Necrodrome
11. Post Partum
12. Norman
13. D.O.A.

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