Blog World Expo & Book Expo America Are Around The Corner!

Readers of the PiercingMetal Musings blog already know that we love reporting on the conventions that focus on things that our core demographic finds of interest or ones that we feel help us deliver a more interesting website to you at the end of the day. This mindset is why you find coverage of the NY Comic Con and Toy Fair right here at your fingertips. I also attend some of the photo expos as well but tend to keep that stuff on my PiercingKen website instead. In 2011 I would add two new events to my coverage range that I had at the time only recently learned about and they were the Blog World & New Media Expo and BEA or Book Expo America.

The Blog World & New Media Expo intrigued me since I am running an online presence with and employing all the vast and varied Social Networking Mediums that I can make work for its benefit and hopefully help the Metal music scene. That made me feel that that it would be interesting to see what was around the exhibition floor at this convention. I documented the conference in the link you find HERE in case you are interested in some recap. It was interesting for the most part but there was a lot that did not personally help my brand and was instead geared more towards those who were just getting their feet wet. I still managed to meet a number of interesting people and made some nice connections so that made me curious about attending this year’s event to see what has changed and what in some sense has not. In addition to the exhibition floor and all its booths there are numerous panels and discussions but we did not get to attend those based on the budgetary restraints.

Then there was the BEA or as I said means Book Expo America. As participants in the Blog World Expo we were also permitted to wander the exhibition floor of this conference for no extra charge and that was awesome since it was a surprise treat. As I had no real plan for this one in terms of coverage I just walked around and tried to meet as many of the interesting people that I could. I really enjoyed finding some of the comic provider booths and the larger publishers like Harper Collins and Simon and Schuster who each have numerous music biographies out there on the market. I didn’t meet any of those Rockers whose tomes we had been reading but I did run into Spider-Man and a few other interesting characters. My quick thoughts on the experience can be found on the link presented HERE so please do check it out. If you needed a quick idea about what to expect, you can think of Book Expo as being the size of Comic Con but with a main focus on conventional books and its growing digital market. It was very, very interesting to say the least and I was looking forward to doing it again.

If you have not yet signed up for these expos, you still have time to do so and can use the handy code link that I have placed below for your convenience. Remember that by signing up for Blog World you are to able to get access to the Book Expo America as well, so that is two great events for the price of one. This is never a bad thing in my book. Both and Skeleton Pete will be wandering the exhibition floors for sure and we hope that you decide to join us in doing so. If you see us please be sure to say hello.

Join the top bloggers and new media experts in the world at BlogWorld Expo NY 2012

You can also check out their official websites. There are also Facebook Pages for these enterprises but you can access them right from the real deal sites. We are now at t-minus fourteen days, so act while you can or risk missing out on a great experience.

Official Websites:
Blog World and New Media Expo:
Book Expo America:

One thought on “Blog World Expo & Book Expo America Are Around The Corner!”

  1. While I realized that I had promised the readership some coverage of each of these events here on the Blog that was not to be the case.  Unfortunately I got sidelined by a case of bronchitis which had me down for the count for the entire week.  It pretty much sucked but stuff like this does happen in one’s life and cannot be controlled.  If you went to the events I hope you will share some comments on what you took back from them, it would be very interesting to hear someone else’s take.

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