Black Sabbath Reunites: New Tour & Album Planned For 2012

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Today was National Metal Day and amidst the celebration across the Metal Republic there was chatter about a “big message” coming from Tony Iommi and the other members of Black Sabbath on this very day. It was earlier in the week when the followers of the popular news sites of the scene learned that something was going to be unveiled in terms of the band and while some scratched their heads as to what it might be there were others who were more like “what do you think that they are going to announce? A line of figurines?”.  Of course the big news was that the original members of Black Sabbath were going to reunite and not only would a tour be planned for 2012 but there would also be some new music coming from the four legendary figures of Metal’s history.  There was a lot of speculation about this actually happening over the last few months because interview comments were leaked and while some sides of the fence said that they were misquoted or taken out of context there was no one who was outright denying that something like this would be taking place.  Fans might remember that this is not entirely new as a happening or even that long of a wait as these four guys did a reunion tour back in 1997 and even released a live album about it entitled “Reunion”.   Many were surprised that nothing more came from this even though some material was written and the guys had planned to work with producer Rick Rubin.  The brief revisit that time around was quietly put to bed based on solo projects and tours and eventual television shows.  Iommi quoted back then how it was a shame since some of the tunes being worked on were rather good.  He and the second wave of Black Sabbath went on to form “Heaven and Hell” with the late great Ronnie James Dio and deliver crushing tours and Metal to the ardent fans.

I debated making a post here on the official blog for but then remembered that I was trying to use it to showcase some big news and other items of interest like all the rest of the blogs for the genre do and let’s face it, this is big news since they pretty much started the genre and all.  What’s my opinion about this you might be asking?  Personally I think this is cool news but its nothing that really shocked me because it was bound to happen.  With Ronnie James Dio’s death and the subsequent shelving of the Heaven and Hell project as a band, this idea makes the most logical sense as a musical business model.   Yet in all honesty I am on the fence about it because while I love a large number of Sabbath tunes I was more excited about the rejuvenated sound that we got from Heaven and Hell than the idea of hearing “Paranoid” and “Iron Man” again with Ozzy at the helm and the idea of new material from him did kind of frighten me.  Let’s be honest for a moment here and admit that Ozzy Osbourne’s last few albums were less than compelling while the H&H stuff drew you in like a whirlwind and left you screaming for more.   If Tony and Geezer are using the same formula that was working with them and Dio then the resulting output could very well surprise us.  This stuff will also be under the guiding hand of Rick Rubin so perhaps its even the stuff from back a few years ago that was left in the basement.  Can anything new stand up to the legendary tunes like “Paranoid”, “War Pigs” or “Snowblind”?  I highly doubt that because those are iconic numbers that have become the very essence of the Metal scenes core being. On the same token as a journalist, photographer and overall supporter of the Metal Scene I am intrigued about catching one of their shows and bringing the scoop to my global readership along with some photography.  That is what we do over here so the chance to be on point for legends on the stage comes into play and makes me more interested than I might have been otherwise. Another fear I have about this news is that all the attention will be afforded to the Sabbath camp and not as much to the bands that are struggling and really are the ones in need of support. Without a Black Sabbath or Judas Priest tour going on there is a better chance for the fans who are hard to move around the genre to take a look into something new or different more than they would have done otherwise. I can only implore those kinds of fans to brave the waters and sample some of the other amazing stuff with a similar zeal to what they are giving Sabbath and this news.

What do you supporters of the Heavy Metal way say to this news? Does it amaze you or does it leave you as a big “Who Cares?”. I would love to hear what you think about it all.

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2 thoughts on “Black Sabbath Reunites: New Tour & Album Planned For 2012”

  1. Have mixed feelings on this. Black Sabbath reunited once or twice before, once at Live Aid and then back in the early 90’s. How could anyone not be thrilled to see the master’s of our music get reformed (with all original members no less). Tony and Geezer are amazing songwriters so I have little doubt about the upcoming music. Then there is Ozzy. He has not been able to sing for years. Yes he is a legend and I love him but you have to know when to throw in the towel. Will Iommi have to write simplistic music without range to accomodate what Ozzy can handle. Only time will tell. Will I be at the show when they come around? Hell Yes.

  2. Thanks to Piercingmetal for the interesting point of view. There is only a few original bands that have NOT released any studio material and now I’m afraid after this there’s only LED ZEPPELIN left IF the Sabs are really going to do it this time. I was privileged last year to see the end of Heaven and Hell with vocalists Glenn Hughes and Jorn Lande in England. I wished they would rather continued with Jorn Lande in the Heaven & Hell more than the reformation with Ozzy. Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with getting back with Ozz, its just the fact that they will play 75 minutes of their hits just like 14 yrs ago and that’s it. Saw it back in the day; first with Vinnie Appice and 2 years later with Bill Ward. Good Luck Black Sabbath but I wont be there. See my filming of Black Sabbath 12 yrs ago:

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