Black Light Media/Metal Blade Records Signs Capra

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The Press Release:
Blacklight Media/Metal Blade Records is proud to welcome Capra to its worldwide roster! Capra is a metallic hardcore band roaring out of the depths of southern Louisiana. With high energy delivery and raging rock and roll hooks inspired by Converge and Every Time I Die, this is the band for their time and place.

capra, capra band photo, blacklight media records, metal blade records

Capra comments: “We in Capra are beyond excited to announce that we’ve signed with the legendary Metal Blade Records and Blacklight Media! The four of us are truly grateful for this opportunity, and we are stoked to work with such an incredibly talented team of people. We have a lot coming in the near future, including our debut LP, which we just finished recording.”

Fans can look forward to this upcoming debut full-length – which is currently being mixed by Taylor Young (Nails, Twitching Tongues) – in 2021 via Blacklight Media / Metal Blade Records. With their venom spitting frontwoman and hard rocking riffs, it’s hard not to be enamored with the lightning charged assault of these Southern hardcore devotees.

For a preview of their captivating live show, a performance video for “Torture Ship” – from their self-titled/self-released single released earlier this year – can be viewed at:

Capra line-up:
Crow Lotus – Vocals
Tyler Harper – Guitar
Jeremy Randazzo – Drums
Ben Paramore – Bass

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: As the band is a brand-new name to my mental music encyclopedia, I will only wish them the best of luck and say a hearty “Congratulations”. I am sure that when shows are able to come back that I will see them on one of the many shows that I am apt to attend during the year. As you might have surmised that stuff doesn’t look like it’s coming back any time soon while the virus still controls so much of how we do things. Before I go I wonder if any of the readership is already following the band and if so, what about them do you like the most and what are some signature tracks that will help the novice jump on board easily. You can chime in down belowin the comments section since that always helps. Outside of that I must stress that you maintain some distance from others, follow your own regional protocols and by all means, please WEAR A MASK when out and about. I hope to see you all again as soon as its possible. Take care.

Official Websites:
Blacklight Media:
Metal Blade Records:

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