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Behold Hasbro’s HasCon 2017 Exclusive “Deadpool” Available Now

Back in May I shared the news about a convention known as HASCON (if you missed that item, just click HERE to be up to speed). So the reason I’m posting this is to let you know that for a limited time you can get this special X-Force version of Deadpool from the Hasbro store. Let’s take a look at him both in and out of the package using their official photos. Chimichanga time!!!!

hasbro, marvel legends series, action figures, deadpool

hasbro, marvel legends series, action figures, deadpool

hasbro, action figures, marvel legends series, deadpool

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Tell me you don’t love this one? I know you do, I KNOW that you do. Yeah I feel the same way with all the butterflies in the stomach sorta thing so there. Sadly we didn’t manage to get to the HasCon event even though it would have been awesome to participate. Readers know how much we love conventions with our being regular attendees of the NY Comic Con and Toy Fair every year. That being said I am STOKED that fans can now order this exclusive “Deadpool” figure from Hasbro Toys directly. You know you want it since he has a different costume on and once I compare the months bills are covered I will look into my own. What do you think about it? You can let me know down in the comments section below and oh by the way, we shall once again be attending the NY Comic Con that is taking place in a couple of weeks at the Javits Center. The Press Badge just arrived and the excitement is building. Since I am going to be using the account a lot during the convention, I suggest that you head over to our OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM and give it a follow so you can wander this massive event with us. Cheers.

Official Website: http://www.hasbro.com

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