“Beautiful Disorder” by Breaking Point

Artist: Breaking Point
Title: “Beautiful Disorder”
Label: Wind-Up Records
Release Date: 5/17/2005
Genre: Rock
Rating: 7.5/10

The CD “Beautiful Disorder” on Wind-Up Records by Breaking Point is a breath of fresh air to those longing for solid rock and roll amid too much of an absence of this on some of your popular radio stations. These days we are overwhelmed by the likes of Nelly or Usher and Britney Whoevers and this CD allows you a very simple cure. Offering you a wide variety of tracks that are suitable for singing along due to their catchy choruses you get a release that focuses on the themes of romance and relationships. The band seems to have lived this stuff very much in the first person based on the simple yet to the point writing. While the band risks the generic label of Emo because of this subject matter I will stick with Rock when it comes to them. On the CD I have to say that I really found a few favorites very quickly with one of them being “Don’t Let Go”. It’s a fast tempo rocker that you will find yourself bopping to very quickly. There are also a couple of songs that are aimed directly at loved ones such as “All Messed Up” and “Goodbye To You”. I think the last one was very effective as it sings of finally being able to let go of that one you never really had.

The band is made up of Brett Erickson (vocals), Justin Rimer (guitar), Greg Edmondson (bass) and Aaron Dauner (drums). Both guitarists provide backing vocals to Brett and they do a great job of fattening up the area. Musically the group is tight and easy enough to enjoy and of the 11 tracks on the CD I found myself listening to about half more than the rest. The CD booklet is a fold out that features the lyrics and liner notes. If you seek a CD that reminds you of how messed up love can be, give these guys a shot as they pretty much hit the nail on the head.

Track Listing:
1. Show Me A Sign
2. Don’t Let Go
3. All Messed Up
4. Promise Keeper
5. Goodbye To You
6. How Does It Feel
7. Had Enough Of You
8. Never Walk Away
9. Nothing Left At All
10. Reality Show
11. Killing With Kindness

Official Web site: www.BreakingPoint.com

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