Be Stunned By Kobra And The Lotus’ “Black Velvet” Video

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Alright so I admit to being a little behind in this one because the spectacular Kobra and The Lotus had actually unveiled this video for their cover of “Black Velvet” a few weeks ago. Its an Alannah Myles recorded tune that was penned by Christopher Ward and David Tyson. Its going to be one of the tunes on the bands forthcoming effort “Words Of The Prophets” which is an album of Canadian centric cover tunes. In case you didn’t catch this already, the title itself is a line from Rush’s “Spirit Of Radio” which the band is also doing but I’ll discuss that when it comes down to the album review in a couple of months. Let’s watch the video and chat a little more afterward.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Wow. Whew, I think I am going to need a cold cloth for my head because I was not expecting to see Kobra all decked out like some Hollywood Vamp and playing the part of some sort of glamour goddess. How did that Eddie Money song go again? “I Think I’m In Love” or something like that, but I digress. Stellar work by Doug Cook and Susan Bullen who directed and produced this enticing clip. I had to say that I loved this video because it was showing us a different side of Kobra that I think will catch most of her fans by surprise. I’m not the biggest fan of this song anymore but the band has nothing to do with that because their version is a crunching rocker. My disdain lays the full blame on “American Idol” where I have heard it far too many times by contestant after contestant after contestant. I know, there is only one more season of “Idol” to suffer through so man up. I hear you, but now back to the video. This is a very stylish and sleek clip and it has a classic film feel based on being shot entirely in black and white. Kobra is looking sensational in this and the designers of her clothes deserve some kudos as well. I think that Kobra is definitely going to be the recipient of many letters that are proposing marriage after this one. Make sure you pick up “words Of The Prophets” when it comes out in late August since there are going to be a lot of cool Canadian covers on there to enjoy. My hope is that KATL pay a visit to NYC sometime in the near future but since I am not sure of any of those plans at the point of this writing, I have a letter to write. Now where did I put those Batman stamps 🙂

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