Battle Beast: Live Photos @ Tuska Open Air (6/30/2013)

Logo - Battlebeast

This past Summer one of PiercingMetal’s staunchest advocates attended the Tuska Open Air Festival in Helskinki, Finland. Battle Beast was among the many acts performing and Samuel offered up his images to the website to entertain their Metal minds. Check them out below and while sharing is caring, these may not be altered or published elsewhere without our direct permission. Enjoy.






Samuel cited how Battle Beast was a new surprise to his Metal senses and knowing our interest in the Finnish Metal scene felt that I should be turning an eye and ear towards their happenings. I made note of them and will be reaching out to their representatives as soon as possible for coverage on the website. Hopefully they will join one of those interesting package tours that tend to feature such bands sometime in the near future. Kitos again Samuel for the use of these photographs.

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