“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” – Official Teaser Arrives

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Yesterday the world was given a second trailer to the upcoming continuation of the Star Wars mythos and it was absolutely awesome to behold. If you doubt me just click HERE and see the post that I did that shared it with our site readership. Later in the day there was some buzz about a leaked trailer for the 2016 release of “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” and since it was not posted on an official channel I held back from sharing it here but now Warner Brothers has put it out there a little ahead of schedule so check it out and lets discuss afterward. Here we go.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Is it fair to compare the recent trailers for “Avengers Age Of Ultron”, “Ant-Man”, and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” against what we have been presented here for “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice”? My answer would be “yes” but sadly I found that this trailer, even though its a mere teaser, left me a little bit for want. I should stress that I am not being a hater here because I so want to see a fantastic representation of the Justice League on the big screen since “The Avengers” showed that this can work but the Warner Bros. folks are rushing to assemble it and giving us what appears to be a very serious and brooding film. These two heroes are not evenly matched at all in powers or wits so its going to take a strong writing team to sell you on it across a two hour film. The trailer seems to a show a Godlike Superman “watching” over mankind and Batman hitting town to get the situation under control. I guess somewhere along the line, and perhaps even in a second better trailer, we will find Wonder Woman and Aquaman pitching in to help out. The film is still a long, long ways away from being released and I want to find myself sitting in the theater loving it when it finally comes out but so far I am just alright with it and that does not give me much confidence. What do you readers think? I would really love to hear what you think so chime in down in the comments area below.

Official Film Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batman_v_Superman:_Dawn_of_Justice

One thought on ““Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” – Official Teaser Arrives”

  1. Your thoughts are spot on. I hope they can make this work but it seems like a stretch. Time will tell. I’m still trying to get used to the idea of Ben Affleck as Batman.

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