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Batman and The Flash Team Up For the Four-Part Mystery “The Button”

The Press Release:

Batman and The Flash Team Up For the Four-Part Mystery “The Button”; All Four Issues to Also Feature Special Lenticular Covers

If you’ve been wondering about how the mystery behind Geoff Johns’ DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1 continues, you’ll find out more beginning this April in “The Button,” a four part story arc that delivers the next piece of the larger, ongoing puzzle. DC has revealed three of the four lenticular covers for issues #21 and #22 of BATMAN and THE FLASH, with a mysterious fourth cover now throwing a wrench into the gears of this epic BATMAN/THE FLASH crossover!

Courtesy of the Batman team of writer Tom King and artist Jason Fabok, along with The Flash writer Joshua Williamson and artist Howard Porter, the two greatest detectives in the DC Universe unite to unravel the mystery behind a certain blood stained smiley face button stuck in the Batcave wall. However, what begins as a simple investigation soon turns deadly when the secrets of the button prove irresistible to an unwelcome third party—and it’s not who anyone suspects! This is a mystery woven throughout time—and The Dark Knight and The Fastest Man Alive will discover something completely unexpected along the way!

As the lenticular covers have rolled out, we’ve seen Batman, The Flash and Reverse-Flash all change and transform as the image moves from one character to the next. Now, with the reveal of THE FLASH #22’s main image, we see someone not even hinted at in DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1! What does this mean for “The Button,” and who else might show up along the way? The ticking clock starts now… or is it completely smashed?

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: I will admit that I am a little behind in the current happenings of the ongoing series and have only been purchasing the single first issues and the occasional collected edition of these series. This one I might have to snag and I am loving the lenticular covers for sure. Those looks sweet but of course the casual collector should know that these also come with a two times the cover price as well. I’m curious to see how this one plays out so will be for sure leafing through it on the stands but thats only possible since my local shop knows me pretty well from the constant tweets and images I post from my shopping there. What do you readers think of this one? Will you be looking into the story or are you already reading each of these titles since the “Rebirth” initiative began. I tell you that I like it a whole lot more than the “New 52” stuff. I guess I am a purist. Okay, that’s all I have for now. Until next time.

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dc comics, comic book covers
“Batman” #21 (Lenticular Cover)
dc comics, comic book covers
“Batman” 22 (Lenticular Cover)
dc comics, comic book covers
“The Flash” #21 (Lenticular Cover)
dc comics, comic book covers
“The Flash” #22

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