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“Back To Life” (Single) by Paralandra

Artist: Paralandra
Title: “Back To Life” (Single)
Label: Legend Recordings
Release Date: 2018
Genre: Hard Rock/Alt-Rock
Rating: 4/5

While the band has been around for a couple of years by my research, my first knowledge came of them when I noticed they would be opening for the famous Yngwie Malmsteen at his NYC show. The plan was to catch his gig and lend some love to the supporting act which is my common practice but when my plans changed neither of those options would happen which brings me here. I’d been spinning the bands 2018 single “Back To Life” which is also going to be a part of their upcoming “Ascension” EP in preparation for the show and since I liked the number, decided to throw together a quick single review for the readership. Let’s go.

So the band hails from Missouri and features Casandra and Paul Carson on lead vocals and guitar with Sawyer Rikard and Nick Gray handling the rhythm section on bass and drums respectively. The track is a solid one and Casandra has a voice that offers up some nice register. I guess if I had to quickly offer up a comparison, I would cite maybe the kind of fan that listens to either Halestorm or perhaps Amaranthe since each is fronted by an exciting vocalist with some chops. The band doesn’t sound like either of course but this reference is to hopefully generate some curiosity. I enjoyed the musicality of the tune and found myself bopping my head and tapping my foot as the second and third listen happened. This is very likely a wonderful song in concert as well. Part of me views this as a Dark Love Song as Casandra recounts a relationship gone south (unless I’m mistaken here). We also get a little bit of the oft-used millennial whoop which is something I’d probably pay to have never used by anyone ever again but that’s just me. I still really enjoyed this tune.

As noted the bands EP is coming out soon on Legend Recordings, but you can give it a preview care of the link to Spotify and even order it on Amazon for your digital library. Nice work Paralandra, I hope to catch you soonish rather than later.

Track Listing:
1. Back To Life

Official Website:

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