“Back 2 Base X” by (Hed) P.E.

Artist: (Hed) P.E.
Title: “Back 2 Base X”
Label: Suburban Noize Records
Release Date: June 6, 2006
Genre: Rapcore
Rating: 1/5

Less Metal than Rap with this one and from beginning to end loaded with nothing more than uninspired rhythms. Unless you’re among the most indiscriminating of Hip-Hop/Metal fusion fans, you will most likely hate this with a passion.

Track Listing:
1. Listen
2. Novus Ordos Clitorus
3. Lock and Load
4. White Collars
5. Get Ready
6. Sophia
7. Peer Pressure
8. Beware Do We Go
9. Daze of War
10. Sweetchops
11. So It Be
12. Lets Ride
13. The Chosen One

Official Website: http://www.hedperocks.com/

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