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AXS TV Presents: “Real Money” Extended Sneak Peak

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Rock stars and reality shows are nothing new at this point in time and what started with Ozzy Osbourne and family with “The Osbournes”, led us to the Gene Simmons “Family Jewels” and the weird football documentary KISS had called “4th and Loud”. To coin a phrase, “everyone is doing it” and why shouldn’t the legendary Rocker Eddie Money be any different. The series is called “Real Money” and will broadcast in the coming week or so. Here is an extended look at the program.

The Cast:
Eddie Money – Himself
Laurie Money – Herself
Jesse Money – Herself
Joe Money – Himself
Dez Money – Himself
Julian Money – Himself
Zach Money – Himself
Michael Anthony – Himself
Clarissa Black – Herself
Jason Bonham – Himself
Sammy Hagar – Himself
Vic Johnson – Himself
Christianne Weiss – Herself

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Now I greatly enjoyed the clip and feel that it might be something amusing to watch but I am not too sure that my current cable plan includes this channel. I’ll have to check and if it does I will DVR the show. I have so many busy nights out that there is no possible chance for me to sit and relax and just tune in. What did you readers think? Does this interest you at all? I realize that its far less Metal than some of the other shows that we talk about here on but I like to mix this site up every once in awhile because it keeps it interesting to me. That’s all I have for now, I will be back again soon for sure because stuff doesn’t stop from happening and there is always much to talk about. See you then.

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