Autumn Black @ Bowery Poetry Club (10/23/2008)

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Artist: Autumn Black
Venue: The Bowery Poetry Club (New York, NY)
Opener: Ionia
Date: 10/23/2008
Label: Tyburn Records

Once again we found the Big Apple besieged by the annual CMJ Convention and all of the parties, gatherings and showcases that come along with it. I had to admit that even if you were not someone who was partaking in the convention, that this particular week in New York City was a very busy one with shows from bands such as Amon Amarth starting it off and Yngwie Malmsteen closing it out. These two killer shows had actually been preceded by incendiary gigs from Iced Earth, Kamelot, Children of Bodom, Testament and even Overkill. If you were looking for Metal this month it was very clear that The Big Apple was the place to be. Tonight’s adventuring would actually be a part of the annual Skateboard Marketing showcase which is held by the company’s founder Munsey Ricci. Ricci has been an industry staple for many years, so it’s really cool to be invited down to see what he has planned for the media folks that he knows. The party would be held in the Bowery Poetry Club and feature two new rising stars on the Metal scene. The first band would be Ionia who had a very Melodic Rock sound to them and the main band for the night would come by the way of Autumn Black who hail from the Los Angeles/San Diego, CA area.

In terms of their sound it was slightly Metalcore, but they were also doing some interesting changes in the music that one does not always find in a straight ahead core outfit. The five person lineup that consists of Andrew Vargas (vocals), Ruben Platt (guitar), Jonathan Koch (guitar), Albert Platt (bass) and Christopher Daigle (drums) seemed to be very together as a unit and quite animated considering the limited space that the stage offered them. They played at audience eye-level which meant if you were closer up you got the more entertaining visual and if you were too far in the back it might as well just been the stereo since it was so hard to see what was happening. I had to say that it was really interesting to see a Metal band performing in such a confined space but when it came down to it, the BPC still was a little more roomy than I felt that the Lit Lounge was when I caught both Unexpect and Virgin Black there back in 2007.

Autumn Black would be delivering material from their newest CD entitled “The Unborn Tragedy” which comes out care of Tyburn Records. They would only play a short set of seven tunes this evening and it’s a nice teaser plate of what the band can do. Outside of their intro piece, the core of the set at five tunes came from the new release and the other number was an offering from the “Beneath The Shadows” CD. I was enjoying what I was seeing tonight and even got to speak to the guys for a moment and found them very pleasant and eager to entertain the people in the room. They had some cool shirts up for sale which people were snapping up and I think that if you are someone who enjoys bands like Avenged Sevenfold and All That Remains that you might find what Autumn Black does of interest to you. There is no direct correlation in these comparisons, but they do fall along the same line when it comes to the kind of Metalcore that is being executed by these five dudes. I would definitely see them again when they do a longer set, but was glad tonight’s party effort was only a seven number affair because I was only about an hour away from another show to attend and that was Five Finger Death Punch with In This Moment. I told you NYC was a busy place with lots to do. Stay tuned for information on that show but for now good luck to the guys in Autumn Black.

Set list:
1. Intro
2. Further Than Before
3. Ashes
4. The Eight
5. This I Promise
6. Reach For the Sky
7. The Last Sacrifice

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