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“True At All Costs” by XRepresentX

Title: “True At All Costs”
Label: 1981 Records
Release Date: August 22, 2006
Genre: Metal/Hardcore Fusion
Rating: 1/5

Yet another entry in the growing-like-cancer Cookie Monster vocals genre, this is only slightly more intelligible than its legion of brethren but no less generic. Give it a pass.

Track Listing:
1. Dead City
2. Live It Up
3. Written in Blood
4. Get Something
5. Marked
6. One Chance
7. Infection
8. Who Can I Count On
9. By My Own Means
10. 8 1/4
11. If Only Words Could Kill
12. Outro

Official Website:

“Insanity Of The Obsessed” by Warface

Artist: Warface
Title: “Insanity of the Obsessed”
Label: Deathquake Records
Release Date: May 29, 2007
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 1/5

What’s that? You have yet another assembly line/Cookie Monster vox Death Metal album for me to review?

(long pause)


(Reviewer goes completely insane, becomes violent and begins throwing furniture and people from his office’s fourteenth floor balcony. Riot police are called in and he is unceremoniously clubbed onto submission with Monadnock Monpac batons)
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“Beaten Into Submission” by Profane Omen

Artist: Profane Omen
Title: “Beaten Into Submission”
Label: Dethrone Music
Release Date: August 28, 2007
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 2/5

Though bearing better than average musicianship for this kind of thing, this Finnish import is yet another example of growly death metal with vocals which sound like they were provided by a lycanthrope in heat. Although the vocals do sometimes veer into more ballady territory than one would expect from the genre, this is likely to be nothing you haven’t experienced before, done better elsewhere.
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“Don’t Kill The Messenger” by Suffocate Faster

Artist: Suffocate Faster
Title: “Don’t Kill the Messenger”
Label: 1981 Records
Release Date: September 19, 2006
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 1/5

Ever heard a totally generic death metal album that’s replete with machine gun drums and wall-to-wall Cookie Monster vocals? You have? Then you’ve heard this. Nothing to see here, move along…
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“Ignarus” by Ignarus

Artist: Ignarus
Title: Ignarus
Label: LITO Records
Release Date: July 12, 2005
Genre: “Metal Lite”
Rating: 2/5

A throwback to the sounds of wussy early-nineties bands, this offering is a dirgelike time-waster that tries to evoke a bygone era, presumably for those too young to remember it from the first go-round. The musicianship and overall delivery is not bad by any means, but it is rather generic and “lite,” then again what else would you expect from a band whose name is just a hair shy of being “Ignore Us?” In fact, judging from the fact that you’re reading this site I’m willing to bet this would appeal more to your tweener sister than you, so buy it for her in honor of when she gets her first period.
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