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“Acts Of Insanity” by Speed\Kill\Hate

Artist: Speed\Kill\Hate
Title: “Acts Of Insanity”
Label: Escapi Music
Release Date: 6/6/2006
Genre: Thrash Metal
Rating: 7/10

Clearly the music scene today is missing some good old-fashioned Thrash Metal. Thanks to the members of Speed\Kill\Hate, fans of the genre that pretty much kicked off a wide variety of styles now have something with a classic sound and vibe to it. Fronted by lead singer Mario Frasca the band drives the point home from the very first track and across the whole record. If slam-dance moshing is up your alley there is definitely a lot of things you can pound your boots to on this one. The members who make up the albums core on the musician side certainly know something about giving the audience a good thrashing; you see they are also part of the band Overkill (a legend in the Metal world on their own). Dave Linsk, Derek Tailer and Tim Mallare handle the guitar, bass and drumming on the recording and their musicianship is pretty solid from top to bottom. Tailer does good on the bass, as in Overkill he is doing guitars to D.D.’s bassmanship. Mallare left Overkill last year while Linsk and Tailer are still recording and touring with the band. They maintain that Speed Kill Hate is not a project band at all yet very simply it is something else that they are involved in musically. At times I felt there was a little too much of the same vibe going on, but its been so long since a solid Thrash record has come along that I could be wrong. Fans who lean towards some aspects of later Pantera, Superjoint Ritual and perhaps Hatebreed will find some amount of pleasure within these tracks. Frasca has a lot of the Anselmo and Jasta qualities that make for a good Thrash lead man. During the listen I felt my head beginning to do the required banging that is sure to hit other listeners when they play this album.
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“Dimevision Vol. 1: This Is The Fun I Have” by Dimebag Darrell

Artist: Dimebag Darrell
Title: “Dimevision Vol. 1: This Is The Fun I Have”
Label: Big Vin Records
Release Date: 5/2/2006
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 7/10

On December 8, 2004 a crazed gunman jumped on stage and opened fire during the performance of the band Damageplan; in his line of fire was guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott and as a result of this attack, the musician and 4 other innocents died unnecessarily. Dimebag was one of the most innovative guitarists that had come to the Heavy Metal scene and along with his Brother laid down some brutal music during their years in Pantera. The band was without compromise musically but eventually disbanded and led to the brothers forming Damageplan. This new band would expand on their musical ideals and desires and be off to a great start until the fateful night. In the almost two years it has been since his murder, his Brother Vinny Paul has formed “Big Vin Records”. With this he has taken great measures to give Dimes fans more ways to remember him than the CD’s that were filled with his great Metal sounds. The first would be the CD “Rebel Meets Rebel” which is collaboration between the Abbotts and Country Western star David Allan Coe. The result is a Country Metal hybrid that was quite interesting to listen to. The review for that CD is elsewhere in these pages so take a look for it. The other release is this DVD and it is a cornucopia of clips and videos that show Dime doing what he did best and having what appears to be a whole lot of fun. As you watch it you can’t help but think that this is the way he would want to be remembered – Kicking ass on the guitar and having crazy fun with his friends. It was an amusing DVD to watch especially considering some of the really early footage of Dime and Vinny in performance. Fans will totally get a kick out of hearing their version of the Metallica classic “Seek and Destroy” which shows us that not only could Dime rip on the guitar very early but he could also do a pretty decent James Hetfield vocal impression when he needed to. This and the other vintage young Dime footage are priceless and perhaps my favorite portions of the DVD.
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“Symphony For The Devil” by Type O Negative

Artist: Type-O-Negative
Title: “Symphony For The Devil”
Label: SPV Records
Release Date: 3/14/2006
Genre: Gothic Metal
Rating: 8/10

“Symphony For The Devil” marks the return of the one and only Type-O-Negative and this return comes to us as the bands first release on new label SPV Records. The DVD takes you deep into the life they lead musically as well as offer a very ample amount of the dark sense of humor that the band possesses. To make sense of the film, I have broken the review into two parts. The first will be the concert and the next the bonus features and comedy segments.
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Korn @ Continental Airlines Arena (3/28/2006)

Logo - Korn

Artist: Korn
Venue: Continental Airlines Arena (East Rutherford, NJ)
Opener: Mudvayne, 10 Years
Date: 3/28/2006
Label: Virgin Music

Given this would be my first time witnessing them I would safely have to say that Korn is an interesting phenomenon up close and personal. The appeal that the band has to a segment of the music listening public is uncanny to behold. It is an allegiance that most bands can only hope for after many years of performance and not all find themselves being as lucky. Tonight at The Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford N.J., the levels of angst and teenage rage against the system would be at an all time high. Joining Korn on their journey into the psyche of American youth would be the bands 10 Years and Mudvayne.
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“Eric The Red” by Tyr

Artist: Tyr
Title: “Eric The Red”
Label: Napalm Records
Release Date: 4/25/2006
Genre: Viking Metal/Melodic
Rating: 8/10

“Eric The Red” by Tyr was originally released in 2003, and surprisingly enough the world at large would be unaware of what this band offered until Napalm Records signed them and re-issued the album. It’s a treat for Metal fans that lean a little more toward the Folk Metal sound but this band in particular is labeled as being “Viking Metal”. Yes, another musical genre has surfaced on us but it is truly in accordance to what you will hear on the release. The band hails from the Faroe Islands located outside of Norway and as a result the music shows a strong ethnic influence. As a matter of fact a good part of the album is sung in their native Faroese. Like most people I was new to the sounds that Tyr offered but I have to say that I really enjoyed the album more than I did not. There is a great level of musicianship displayed across the release and the songs are primarily foot stomping, fist raising rockers. Those who are enjoying the offerings of bands like Korpiklaani and Falkenbach will best be served by paying a little more attention to Tyr. These bands are also Napalm Records artists. Since Tyr is a Viking Metal band they are best enjoyed with horns filled to the top with ale or perhaps a highly raised sword. There is a lot of cool riffs here which make the records very interesting from statrt to finish. However there is a sad aspect in being a band like this especially if you become a fan and are located in the US. There is such a limited ability to tour on ones own and a band like Tyr needs to get on a solid bill with established heavies. Maybe Arch Enemy or perhaps Hypocrisy can do something; each one is interesting in their own right and would prove for a great and dynamic show. It’s either that or be brought over with a couple of similar bands and tour as some sort of package deal. You readers can probably make something like this happen if you send enough emails to the proper record company tour press folks or websites.
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