Attention: Today May 3rd Is “Free Comic Book Day”

Attend to my words fellow Geeks!!! Based on the nature of this particular happening, I felt that it would best be served by informing you as early as possible in the day and just after midnight seems a great time so without any further adieu; “YES” my dear friends and fans of the printed page – Today is officially the “Free Comic Book Day” for 2014 and you should be as excited as all get out.

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I know I’m excited because I’ve been a comic book fan for many, many years and while I am not as much the collector as I used to be; I still enjoy quite a few titles each and every month as my means will allow. With Free Comic Book Day the fans get to stock up on a whole bunch of different titles from many different companies and the greatest thing about this is the chance to absorb something very new to your eyes or something that you might have let pass you by otherwise. As you can see by the stack I am holding in the photo below there are a LOT of comics being offered up during this event and one of the titles last year was this great “Superman Unchained” issue by DC Comics and while you cannot see deeper into the pile, there was also a “Walking Dead” issue, a “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” issue along with some Archie and Bongo Comics stuff. This was actually half of what I took home that day as I had given many away to my friends kids since they were geared towards that age group.


I glanced over the list of what is coming this year for Free Comic Book Day and have particular interest in the titles that feature the “Guardians Of The Galaxy” since that film is coming out soon along with “Transformers Vs. G.I. Joe”, “Future’s End” by DC Comics and of course the Bongo Comics “Free For All”. There is more for sure but these struck me right off the bat. You can peruse the whole gamut of books that will be featured at this years event by clicking into the official website linked below and then its up to you to check with your friendly neighborhood comic store or specialty shop to see what they might be doing for this year’s happening. Before I close up I do have a couple of recommendations for the fans who are attending when they go. The first and probably most important one is to be sure to get on line early because many issues are gone before you know it and not every shop will get as many as others do. It also never hurts to bring along a little extra money because this way you can even purchase something else as a form of thanks to your store for doing this and giving you such a fine hookup. I will very likely be hitting my own neighborhood’s “Galaxy Comics 2” shop bright and early so I don’t miss anything. See you around the comic stores tomorrow and do please let us know what you think of this whole thing in the comments which have been left open for you to do so.


PS: If you end up at the aforementioned Galaxy Comics 2 like I was planning on doing, you will be right next door to the Alpine Cinemas and they are currently showing both “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” and “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” films. I’ve seen both of these releases and think that “Captain America” is the better film all around so recommend that one first. I will say that “Amazing Spider-Man 2” is a fun ride if you liked the first one. Each film does have a bonus scene, well Cap has two. You might as well make a day of it and considering its location, if you end up at the Forbidden Planet store they have a theater nearby as well. Find your inner geek. You’ll have plenty of company.


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To make this posting look even nicer I embedded a few trade paperbacks that I am currently re-enjoying since they are classic tales. In my opinion these are must own tomes of the illustrated medium.

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