Attention: The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Annex In NYC Is Closing Soon

Do you readers remember when my buddy Skeleton Pete Parrella and I wandered through The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s “Rock Annex” down in the Village last year? You don’t???? Well, perhaps THIS LINK will raise the awareness level and I do stress that you read it because I just received an email informing me that “The Rock Annex” will be closing in the coming weeks. The poster pretty much lines out the whole thing so take a look.

Poster - Rock Hall Rock Annex Final - 2009

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Looking back on that report myself I had to say that I greatly enjoyed wandering through its aisles even though there was no photography permitted. I’m guessing that any number of factors were the reason for this and considering just how high rents are going in our fair metropolis it was likely too difficult to maintain against what the attendance was bringing in. Remember these places have to have a continuous staff making sure guests are catered to. Perhaps if they had allowed photographs there would have been a bigger interest as the curious reader from afar sees something that “they must witness in person”. I don’t know but whatever the case may be, if you don’t get down to the exhibit before its closing in the first week of 2010 then its going to be something that you might regret not witnessing. Of course for me there was the continued pain of knowing that my favorites of them all, the mighty KISS were not represented but they are not in the Rock Hall yet and who knows when that will ever happen. To my knowledge we still don’t have Rush and Deep Purple in there but let me not turn this into a lamenting soapbox. The exhibit has a discounted price and is worth seeing before it leaves The Big Apple. Enjoy it while you can because another Starbucks is likely going to go into the space or a nail salon.

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