Attention: NYCC 2017 Fan Verification is Open!

With so many of the readers of our little home on the web being fans of the massive NY Comic Con I’m going to keep on posting the occasional important notice from their organizers. That said, this new alert came care of the ReedPOP Team a short while ago. Check it out.

“The day is here! Fan Verification 2017 is now open through May 3 at 12:00 PM ET. If you, your bestie, or your favorite Asgardian God didn’t create a profile last year, you will need to create one in order to have the opportunity to buy tickets to NYCC 2017. If you are new to the process and have questions, check out our FAQs.

Make sure your friends, family, and nemeses (maybe not that last one) fill out a profile if they’re interested in attending NYCC 2017. Every ticket must be assigned to a Fan Verified email during checkout so whether you are buying for others or others are buying for you, everyone who wants a ticket needs to be Fan Verified.

Once you’ve filled out your Fan Verification profile you will get a confirmation email from ShowClix stating you’ve successfully been verified. Hang tight and keep your eyes and ears open for the general on-sale announcement.

Note: anyone filling out a Fan Verification profile between April 19 and May 3 at 12:00 PM ET will only have access to tickets during the general on-sale. They WILL NOT be eligible for the presale or be able to be assigned to tickets purchased during the presale. Sorry, but presale is for 2016 Fan Verified fans only.

NYCC Team”


PiercingMetal Thoughts: Nothing much to chime in about this one, but I should stress that interested fans get on point as fast as possible because according to the statement that was made about this year’s convention (and documented for your perusal on THIS LINK), the pickings will not be as bountiful and numerous changes have been implemented. So def read that link when you can. I believe that there is still some time to register as Professional if you are one of the industry cats that wander the event and that tables remain for the Artists who showcase their wares in Artist Alley so get on that if you haven’t already and are one of those two sides of the fence. The Metal Media Command HQ just received official word that we will once again be a part of the accredited press exploring the convention which is pretty cool for sure since the website gets so many posts out of it.

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