Attention Legions: Ticketmaster Vouchers Await Thee….Maybe :)

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Back in 2011, I shared a Ticketmaster news story on the then “PiercingMetal Musings” blog and offered up my own thoughts about the circumstances HERE as it outlined that the mighty Ticketmaster was going to be refunding some of the fees it had hit us with over the years. Now the time has come for the settlement of that case which amounted to a $400 million dollar class action lawsuit over the often ridiculously high fees. The settlement comes in the form of vouchers and some discount codes that you can use to enjoy some shows for free.

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Of course you realize that these shows are not completely free since you have already paid for them in a sense based on the high fees. Still it’s pretty cool that a settlement is making good. Score one for the little guy right? The suit affects about 50 million people who bought tickets on Ticketmaster between October 21, 1999 and February 27, 2013 and paid the company’s ridiculous overcharges. Emails alerting members of the class started going out last month under the subject, “Schlesinger v. Ticketmaster Class Action Settlement – Notice Regarding Discount and Ticket Codes,”. Make sure you check your respective email accounts for that notice AND also check your spam folder since you never know if it was directed there by your provider. I should also let you know to make sure that you weren’t using an older email address that you forgot about for some reason. I know that I used my ancient AOL address for Ticketmaster before moving to Hotmail and now the personal account. I guess it’s the same exact account that I always had but I am not sure since it doesn’t show me any history of purchases. More on that later though so back to business. In case you missed the email somehow, more about the settlement can be learned at THIS LINK.

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Here’s what you need to do. You’ll have to login to your Ticketmaster account and look for a section on the left hand side of your screen that says “Active Vouchers”. What I’ve learned is that these are only going to be valid for a certain amount of eligible events which means if you are looking for tickets to the Guns N Roses reunion shows or perhaps a hopeful return of Iron Maiden you will be somewhat disappointed. I’ve been reading that a link to an option called “eligible events” follows your vouchers but since I don’t see any vouchers I don’t see that. Oh well. I’d be interested in knowing how many vouchers or free shows you readers received when you find out so toss that information in the comments section.

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: Now I realize that this whole narrative is a “PiercingMetal Says” sort of thing but this part I needed to separate from the actual information in it since I checked my own account and saw a whopping “0” vouchers which kind of surprised me since I had been going to shows for many years before starting this here website online. I tried to see what could have happened here for my account but the means to reach them is a whole big mess and doesn’t specifically apply to this scenario in terms of their “Contact Us” method. That being said I’m quite fortunate to have gone to as many shows as I have gone to for free already so am not complaining about my lack of vouchers but for those years before this enterprise began and for those times I needed to purchase something for myself and friends I did think that I would see something. Okay, now it’s time for you to act upon this initiative and log in to your Ticketmaster account and get some rebates. Good luck my friends.

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5 thoughts on “Attention Legions: Ticketmaster Vouchers Await Thee….Maybe :)”

  1. I just checked my vouchers and I have a boatload of them, some between $2. 50-$5.00 off a ticket, but I also have 17 vouchers for “potentially 2 tickets” per show for selected Livenation show all these shows the vouchers are already sold out . This really sucks and I want my tickets you thieving bastards!

  2. WTF! All available shows to use the vouchers on are sold out. Though to be honest, none of them look particularly appealing to me. Well the codes are good until 2020. There’s hope.

  3. I received 17 codes for 2 GA tickets and 17 codes for the $2.50 discount. Unfortunately every show on their list is unavailable and each ticket has a fee of $8.50 – so much for “free tickets.”

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