Art Legend Bernie Wrightson Has Passed (1948-2017)

While the world was still reeling from the news about the passing of the legendary musician Chuck Berry, the art community was coming to terms with the news that the great Bernie Wrightson had also passed away. Wrightson had experienced issues after brain surgery and passed away at the age of 68. To say that the comic book field will miss his talents is an understatement as in addition to being a co-creator of the original Swamp Thing, he worked for dozens of the major companies and even a score of the smaller more independent ones. Its safe to say that if you were collecting comics for any lengthy amount of time that you probably have a few dozen that featured his work. Wrightson knew Horror and Science Fiction quite well when it came to the illustrated page and his pencils and inks were second to none. They delivered the macabre goings on to your eyes perfectly and you could feel the horrific drama going on just by looking at his work.

I never got to meet him despite hitting numerous comic conventions over the years and wish I had tried a little harder. His work in the craft shall be missed like few others and we wish his family, friends and worldwide fans the strength needed for this sad time. Thanks Bernie for bringing horror to bigger life on the illustrated page. May you Rest in Peace. With so much to learn about this tremendous talent I encourage readers to click over to his Wiki entry down below.

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