“Arsenal Of Megadeth” by Megadeth

Artist: Megadeth
Title: “Arsenal Of Megadeth”
Label: Capitol Records/EMI Music
Release Date: 3/21/2006
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 8/10

Megadeth celebrates their career with a worthy collection of videos and vignettes along with some unseen footage that will have every Rattlehead screaming for more. As a fan of their earlier material and the heyday of Metal video and MTV’s “Headbanger’s Ball” I enjoyed the chance to have all of their videos in one convenient package. However, to make sure that this would be accepted and received by a larger audience Mustaine made sure to include a large amount of clips and features that have not been seen in a number of years. There is a little of everything and among them are vintage MTV appearances as well as clips from the film “Decline Of Western Civilization” of which Megadeth was a guest star. Several cool touring segments are presented such as “Clash Of The Titans” (from 2000) as well as footage from the celebrated 2005 “Gigantour”. There are interviews and day in the life segments and the end result is a whopping double DVD set that is bound to please Metal fans of all ages. As many Metallers can agree Megadeth is one of the more important bands to have ever come around for the genre, and this DVD collection serves as a good way to remember why this is the case. Intelligent lyrically, and musically profound Megadeth has given Headbangers a solid thrashing from 1983 until now.

With the group now in their 23rd year the fans are as unrelenting as the music that Megadeth plays. Today the lineup of the group is completely different from the start as the Drover Brother’s (Glenn and Shawn) handle the guitar and drums while James McDonough on bass joins Mustaine as he brings his message to the Metal masses next generation. All lineups seem to be reflected in this DVD as well which makes it all the more special especially when you can see Gar Samuelsson and Dave Ellefson in the band once again. This DVD is a must have not only for the old school Megadeth fan but also those who remember the forlorn time when Metal also ruled MTV’s airwaves. I feel there is a large scale appeal to this and makes for a good companion to their previous live concert DVD “Rude Awakening” (which was almost a live best of when you come to think of it) to their eventual release of some more “Gigantour” footage.

Track Listing (videos)
1. Peace Sells
2. Wake Up Dead
3. In My Darkest Hour
4. Anarchy In The U.K.
5. No More Mr. Nice Guy
6. Holy Wars…The Punishment Due
7. Hangar 18
8. Go To Hell
9. Symphony For Destruction
10. Skin O’ My Teeth
11. High Speed Dirt
12. Foreclosure Of A Dream
13. Sweating Bullets
14. Train Of Consequences
15. A Tout Le Monde
16. Reckoning Day
17. Trust
18. Almost Honest
19. A Secret Place
20. Insomnia

Official Web site: www.Megadeth.com

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