Arkona Announces 15th Anniversary North American Tour with Sirenia

While there didn’t seem to be any word from the label itself, the Napalm Records recording artist Arkona have recently announced their imminent return to North America with the band Sirenia in tow. Check out the brief statement and the tour poster below. I’ll return with some thoughts at the close.

The Facebook Statement:
North America, we are going to celebrate our 15th Anniversary with you! Arkona is coming back in May to play a big special set for you on tour with Sirenia! Expect new songs and also you favorites!
Support is coming from MindMaze, Graveshadow and Sicosis!

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Sorry that I am letting you discern the dates from the poster. I wasn’t up for scribbling every single one of those down at the moment. Now I love what Arkona does on the live stage and I think that I have seen them in concert about five times so far. They were among the highlights of the recent Epica tour and they surely know how to put on a great show. It’s also great that they are bringing along Sirenia who have never been here before despite their fans rallying for the cause with their local political representatives (I’m kidding about that last part outside of the bands fans really craving a visit). Lastly, the opening support bands all sound interesting since some of those groups I have heard the names of in the recent past and yet have never been afforded the opportunity to absorb what they are all about. I would have loved our own regional show to take place in the upstairs Marlin Room as opposed to The Studio but oh well at least they are playing here on one of the dates for all of the fans that they have made over the years. So what do you readers think about this new tour announcement? Will you be attending? Let me know in the comments section below.

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