“Are You Dead Yet?” by Children Of Bodom

Artist: Children Of Bodom
Title: “Are You Dead Yet?”
Label: Spinefarm Records
Release Date: 10/25/2005
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 7/10

Children Of Bodom are one of those bands that the larger portion of the Metal Community are starting to pay attention to and this is a very smart move. I first caught them in concert with Iced Earth as they toured for their “Hate Crew Deathroll” album (a Century Media Records release). This was a killer record and it proved very early in the listen about the level of intensity and diversity that this band possessed and brought to the table. The new release “Are You Dead Yet?” comes to us courtesy of Universal/Spinefarm Records and the album continues along the same lines of progression that “Follow The Reaper” first lined out. The group does not waste time delivering epic and long winded numbers but instead kick you in the teeth with rock solid Metal on each and every number. As you listen you will find that the band has matured past their earlier works and moved on ever further from the seemed Black Metal direction they once followed and instead have become almost Progressive Thrash. I believe this was a good move and while I felt that this new release required a couple of listens before I got it. I think you will agree if you do the same.

Lead singer Alexi Laiho does a stand up job as he growls his way through the albums most killer compositions. Alexi also does a lot of the guitar solos on this album which is a change from the previous releases. He definitely should contribute more on this end going forward. He shines on opener “Living Dead Beat” and “If You Want Peace Prepare For War” the latter being one of my favorite pieces on the album. I felt the work done by Jaska Raatikainen (drums) and Janne Warman (keyboards) is particularly impressive for there is just so much from them all over the record. The keyboards bringing a lot more of the guitar work of Roope to life and the drumming helping to ensure Henkka can hold it all together best with the bass. In addition to the solid originals the band includes a cover version of the Ramones classic “Somebody Put Something In My Drink”. A nice touch when you consider that we only have two remaining Ramones in today’s music world. In addition to the numbers mentioned above I also leaned towards “Trashed, Lost And Strungout” and “In Your Face”. “Trashed” seems like it will be a Metal attack live and “In Your Face” is just begging for that fist pumping, moshing crowd. Overall there is a reason for all the attention that the band is gathering. Simply put they are good at what they do and the merit the attention. Dynamic on album and in their live shows, Children Of Bodom bring you Metal the way it should be delivered; Hard and Heavy, Unadulterated and Driving. Check it out.

Track List:
1. Living Dead Beat
2. Are You Dead Yet?
3. If You Want Peace…Prepare For War
4. Punch Me I Bleed
5. In Your Face
6. Next In Line
7. Bastards Of Bodom
8. Trashed, Lost & Strungout
9. We’re Not Gonna Fall
10. Somebody Put Something In My Drink

Official Web site: www.CoBhc.com

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