Appearing Tonight: Zakk Wylde @ The Apple Store in SOHO

OMG can you believe it!!!! The day is finally here and the one and only Zakk Wylde is making a special appearance at the Apple Store in SOHO NYC. That’s the one down Prince Street a couple of blocks off Broadway (R and N train station on the corner, and D is close as well). Last Summer, PiercingMetal had the fortunate opportunity to attend a special Press Conference that Zakk had held to promote the “Unblackened” CD/DVD; You can check that out HERE in case you somehow missed it when it was originally posted.

Poster - Zakk Wylde at Apple Store - 2014

Having seen this event space before, I can tell you that space will be limited for the grand happening so I suggest arriving early and getting a good spot on the line. Zakk is a lot of fun to listen to when he tells his tales and considering that this one on one discussion and Q&A with the fans also comes with a special acoustic performance, well, you are going to hate yourself in the morning if you miss this one. That’s why I wanted to send out another reminder.

Official Website:

Sadly its too far in advance to give you an ordering code for the new album so you will have to make due with the last few offerings from The Berzerker.

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