“Antichrist” (remaster) by Gorgoroth

Artist: Gorgoroth
Title: “Antichrist” (remaster)
Label: Regain Records
Release Date: 10/23/2007
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

So you have emerged in relative safety from your journey into Black Metal territory and have chosen to continue on back into the thick of things once again with the mighty Gorgoroth. You felt that you handle what they were about with their debut “Pentagram” and just in time for your realization comes their sophomore effort, the 1996 release “Antichrist”. The album would find the band continuing strong into battle against the light for Black Metal dominance with the armies of darkness by their side. Oddly enough their second album would run just twenty five minutes and be even shorter than the debut, and while it seems to be the length of one, this is not considered an EP. The journey that that they took us on began with “Pentagram” and it is examined a little deeper on “Antichrist” which as you could expect from its title is loaded with blasphemous and satanic topics and imagery. If you don’t believe me then just listen to songs like “A Rank Smell Of Christian Blood” and “(Possessed) By Satan” to clarify the statement. “Antichrist” is an upgrade from top to bottom in the musical sense from “Pentagram” as it seems as though the themes that Infernus wishes to deliver are a little clearer and this time around he is also handling the bass as well as all guitars on the recording. However, he lists this as “desecration of amplification” in the liner notes along with “poetry of darkness and Satan” to explain how he is responsible for the full lyrical content too.

Hat is up to his old tricks again as the vocalist and is a snarling, growling maniac everywhere yet during some songs he actually seems to be a little easier to understand and believe it or not this album also features some clean vocals which are used quite effectively. Largely mournful and laden with sorrow they are most prevalent during the closing number “Sorg”. The other upgrade on the release is in the way of the drumming for it is on “Antichrist” that Gorgoroth brings in Frost and in my opinion he is among the finest Black Metal skin bashers second only to the legendary Hellhammer when it comes to percussive brutality. There are more clean vocals on the song “Gorgoroth” and the liner note list another singer Pest as being involved so perhaps these are his. Similar to the remaster of the debut this one features a poster of the bands album cover but again no lyrics and just a single sheet that documents the tracks and members who recorded the music. This was definitely better than the first album and shows that the band had not deterred from their path and was instead choosing to lay waste to all those who dared get in their way.

Track Listing:

1. En Stram Lukt Av Kristen Blod (A Rank Smell Of Christian Blood)
2. Bergtrollets Hevn (The Revenge Of The Mountain Troll)
3. Gorgoroth
4. Possessed (By Satan)
5. Heaven’s Fall
6. Sorg (Sorrow)

Official Website: www.gorgoroth.org

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