“Anthrology: No Hit Wonders (1985-1991) – The Videos” by Anthrax

Artist: Anthrax
Title: “Anthrology: No Hit Wonders – The Videos”
Label: Universal Music
Release Date: 9/20/2005
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 6/10

Anthrax completes the run of product surrounding their “Classic Lineup” reunion with this DVD that features what appear to be all the videos from the time frame that this lineup existed. Long time fans will appreciate this the most since it will remind them of those U68 days and when MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball was in its initial run and made a larger impact on Heavy Metal music. While I found it a kick to see a lot of these videos once again I really was disappointed in the amount of individual product that Anthrax has released on the listeners all at once. The group had issued 2 individual CD and DVD products based on the reunion of this membership. 2 were live and the other 2 retrospective. As a result it’s been commented on that not everything was selling as good as expected. This is especially the case of the videos collection as they are not things that the fan might buy immediately. Given the amazing CD Anthology from this era that brings the Metal Thrashing to your speakers and starts a mosh pit in your living room the band should have stressed that this release especially be included with the CD. Three piece sets are not all that uncommon anymore especially with bands in Europe who are doing that. Ayreon releases double CD and DVD packages on a regular basis and has proved their audience willing to shell out the couple of extra dollars. On the videos themselves they are a tad corny but anthrax was not one of those bands that took the format all that seriously and made sure they had a lot of fun in most of them. There are a couple of live tracks from the long out of print VHS concert release “Oidivnikufesin” (nisefukunvideo which was filmed in London during their “State Of Euphoria tour”. I had fun watching a couple of them but beyond that felt this is more for the absolute Anthrax maniac. I don’t refer to music videos all that much anymore and most of the bands in the 80’s hardly used the form in the manner that Def Leppard or ZZ Top did with films that are a lot more memorable years later. Most of the Anthrax tunes on film were Heavy Metal displays of often cartoon like antics. Given the times, I would not have expected it any other way.

Bonus features are on the limited side with some band commentary and two other videos. One is from MTV and one a montage piece. They also include the personal playlist option which I think is a cheap thing to label as a bonus. The aspect of playing particular videos in sequence to me is not much the treat for someone who paid decent money for it.

Track Listing:
1. Metal Thrashing Mad
2. Madhouse
3. Indians
4. Armed And Dangerous
5. Among The Living
6. Caught In A Mosh
7. I Am The Law
8. I’m The Man
9. Who Cares Wins
10. Belly Of The Beast
11. Got The Time
12. In My World
13. Bring The Noise

Official Website: www.anthrax.com

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