“Another Hostile Takeover” by Hanoi Rocks

Artist: Hanoi Rocks
Title: “Another Hostile Takeover”
Label: Demolition Records
Release Date: 7/5/2005
Genre: Rock/Glam
Rating: 7/10

Hanoi Rocks hailing from Finland, might have changed the face of rock n’ roll by their grueling tour schedule and unique sound, but they are still creating music today with their current release “Another Hostile Takeover”. This album draws from Hanoi’s classic 80’s sound mixed with straight up hard rock. Not an instant attention grabber when given a first listen, but eventually it grows on you during your second, third and fourth go around. Not a total departure from the previous “Twelve Shots On The Rocks” this album is a mixed bag. On this album the band itself went through a line up change with a new bass and guitar player which has also added to the change of sound. Unfortunately due to the tour schedule Nasty Suicide left to pursue other interests and the bass player, Timpa left as well. On this album Conny Bloom was added on lead and rhythm guitar and Andy “A.C.” Christell took over for bass and backing vocals.

The thunderous opener “Back In Yer Face” not only renews your belief in rock n’ roll but it a classic return to old 80’s Hanoi. The album continues to rock and showcase Monroe’s abilities to play various instruments including sax, harmonica, castanets, harp and drums to name a few. “Hurt” and “Better High” are tracks that borrow from the previous album with that new hard rock sound, while other sample tracks on the album have this sinister, quirky, almost snakelike swagger to them as they experiment with instruments and styles. Monroe also offers listeners a cover of Phil Lynott’s “Dear Miss Lonely Hearts” which all Thin Lizzy fans will appreciate.

This album wasn’t the usual from a band that’s evolved and changed so much over time, but not all change is bad and their original roots are definitely not forgotten. A must have for any Hanoi Rocks fan and a delightful sampler for anyone new to their music. As Monroe sings, “…what doesn’t kill us, makes you last” and it appears that Hanoi Rocks is here for the long haul.

Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Back In Yer Face
3. Insert I
4. Hurt
5. Devil In You
6. Love
7. Talk To The Hand
8. Eternal Optimist
9. Insert II
10. No Compromise, No Regrets
11. Reggae Rocker
12. You
13. Insert III
14. Better Hgh
15. Dear Miss Lonely Hearts
16. Insert IV
17. Center Of My Universe

Official Website: www.HanoiRocks.com

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