Announcing The “Skate and Surf Fest” for 2015

As I prepped myself for this evening’s Opeth/In Flames show a press piece hit the PiercingMetal HQ mailbox and shared the news about the upcoming “Skate and Surf Fest” for 2015 and I felt that sharing this with you all was a paramount action before heading out the door. This Festival is entirely new to my Metal ears but it sure seems to be a great way to spend a weekend in the Summer of 2015 based on some of the bands that immediately caught my attention. I mean this one has The Dropkick Murphy’s who I have been listening to for a few years but still need to see and some cool others like Motionless In White, Attila and The Story So Far. Check out the poster below.

Poster - Attila - Skate and Surf Fest 2015

Now I know full well how good the Dropkicks do in concert as they sell out each and every time and there are also a lot of fans in The Metal Republic that are spinning on their heads based on the noise that the band Attila is making. If you think that I am lying about that, then let me share the fact that the band actually just played two sold-out shows in NYC on the very same day my friends. The same, frigging day! That is an accomplishment to be applauded whether you are into them or not so this event is going to be some kind of exciting for anyone that attends. The two day affair is going to go down in Asbury Park, NJ and while its far away from us right now, I am going to check the Farmer’s Almanac to see what it says for the forecast because I want to dress in my Metal beachcomber best 🙂 Since I don’t have much more information about it other than how it will also feature some cool wrestling and skateboard stuff I will leave you with referencing their Official Facebook Page. Should I hear more then I will keep you up to speed.

Official Website:

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