Announcing The Lineup For Heavy Montreal 2016

Last year I started to broadcast the lineup of the Heavy Montreal Festival to keep our readers aware of some awesome events that are going on in other parts of our North American Metal scene. I didn’t get to that festival even though I wanted to but oh well, one cannot be everywhere right? The 2016 edition of this festival recently announced its lineup that will be appearing over the course of its two days and you can check that out on the poster below. I will chime in with additional thoughts afterwards.

Poster - Heavy Montreal - 2016

PiercingMetal Thoughts: As you can see the events main attractions will be a headlining Five Finger Death Punch on one night and Disturbed on the other. Unless I am mistaken about the main attraction for each night. I’ve seen FFDP on numerous occasions and they truly stir up the masses but I would be most excited to see bands like Nightwish, Mastodon, Ghost, Sabaton, Alter Bridge, Blind Guardian and Carcass the most. If you haven’t seen any of those bands yet please take my nod about them as a recommendation. Right now it’s too early for me to be able to say if I am going or not but I sure would like to this time around. I can never see Nightwish, Ghost or Sabaton and Alter Bridge enough based on past experiences. If I end up there you can be rest assured that a lot of photos will be posted here on the website. So tell me dear readers what do you think of this year’s lineup and are you planning on heading to Montreal for it. More importantly, do you have any room in the car for a travelling music scribe 

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