Anime NYC 2019 Offers Diverse New Activities To Fans @ Third Annual Convention

I’m continuing with the press announcements for this year’s Anime NYC convention which will be taking over the Javits Center in just about a week at the time of this writing. To see any of the other alerts you can click HERE to launch a new tab in your web-browser with all of the content that we have done so far. Now, please read on down below about these partners and activities.

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The Press Release:
Anime NYC powered by Crunchyroll is pleased to work with a range of innovative and creative partners for its third iteration. The largest dedicated anime, manga, and Japanese pop culture convention on the east coast will present three days of Japanese culture, distinctive animation, contemporary gaming, and more at Manhattan’s Javits Center (655 W 34th St) from November 15-17.

Anime NYC is proud to work with major names across the Japanese pop culture industry including Aniplex, Bandai Namco, Crunchyroll, Eleven Arts, Funimation, Denpa, GKIDS, HIDIVE, Kodansha Comics, Sentai Filmworks, Square Enix, Sunrise, Vertical, VIZ Media, and Yen Press and present over 50 guests including Yoshiyuki Tomino (Mobile Suit Gundam), Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi (Dr. STONE), and Ichiro Okouchi, Takahiro Kumira, and Yukana (Code Geass).

In addition, the weekend promises a diverse array of new programs and activities in partnership with collaborators from around the world. This week, Colossal Media is finishing a massive Attack on Titan mural to commentate one of the biggest manga and anime hits of the decade. The mural is now on display near Madison Square Garden, on 31st Street between 7th and 8th Avenues where fans can participate in a photo contest and giveaway by Kodansha Comics, Funimation, Kinokuniya, and Anime NYC.

Anime NYC will welcome the Fate/Grand Order USA Tour, a celebration of one of the biggest and most successful mobile games in the industry’s history. Fans can enter the world of Fate/Grand Order with a massive pavilion that will feature guests, props, and special events.

Life is Tech will make its East Coast debut with Codeillusion, a new coding role playing game featuring Disney and original anime characters. The game, already a major hit in Japan, is an official collaboration with Disney that teaches players coding skills as they progress throughout the game.

Anime NYC is honored to welcome AniVRJapan, a project showcasing cutting edge Japanese virtual reality games bringing players into anime worlds. Guests can play Japanese VR games Tokyo Chronos, Spice and Wolf VR, and Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing together at Anime NYC.

Anime NYC is thrilled to have the debut of the Lumica Stage, a major new destination featuring three days of DJs and dancing. Curated by Lumica, Japan’s leading manufacturer of glow sticks and light up accessories, the Lumica Stage gives fans a place to celebrate J-Pop, Anisong, and Idol music.

Anime NYC salutes its cosplayers with a new Cosplay Academy, a three-day destination focused on cosplay community and education. Located in Hall 1E, Cosplay Academy features a full weekend of workshops and talks with private cosplay changing and repair areas provided.

“Itasha” fandom is a segment of anime fandom focused on customizing cars with anime artwork, and Anime NYC will present the largest itasha car display ever in the northeast. Curated by Senpai Squad, it will have over 10 customized cars on display.

For the first time, a collectible pin trading program will be active during the convention. Created together with Foam Brain Games, the Anime NYC Pin Bazaar will feature over 30 pins available from vendors across the show. From pins readily available at different booths to rare pins found only by trading with Anime NYC staff, Pin Bazaar turns all of Anime NYC into a hunt to complete your collection.

Also, for the first time, an array of delectable Japanese food will be available inside the Javits Center during the three-day event. Anime NYC will feature classics dishes at their first Japanese Food Hall including takoyaki, bento boxes, curry, and more. Anime NYC’s Japanese Food hall features local New York vendors including Karl’s Balls, Go Go Curry, RESOBOX, Benton, Tea & Milk, and Takumi Taco.

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From classic series like Dragon Ball, Pokémon, and Naruto to current hits like Sailor Moon, One-Punch Man, and Tokyo Ghoul, manga publisher VIZ offers amazing Japanese action, romance, fantasy, and adventure stories for fans in the US. And at Anime NYC they’re looking to publish American writers and artists. VIZ Originals is a new imprint of VIZ Media dedicated to publishing original graphic novels developed by manga-inspired creators, and VIZ is conducting portfolio reviews at Anime NYC!
All this is on top of over 100 special screenings and industry panels from publishers across the anime, video game, and manga industry such as Aniplex, Bandai Namco, Crunchyroll, Eleven Arts, Funimation, Denpa, GKIDS, HIDIVE, Kodansha Comics, Sentai Filmworks, Square Enix, Sunrise, Vertical, VIZ Media, and Yen Press.

For Anime NYC’s full schedule, special guest list and tickets, visit, and for the latest news and updates, follow Anime NYC on Facebook at and on Twitter and Instagram at @AnimeNYC.

Anime NYC powered by Crunchyroll is New York City’s anime convention! A showcase of the best of Japanese pop culture in the biggest city in America, Anime NYC brings anime fans and publishers together for three days of unique exhibits, exclusive screenings, extensive panels, and appearances by some of the biggest creators in Japan. This year’s event takes place November 15-17 in New York’s Javits Center, and we invite you to join over 40,000 fans for a celebration of Japanese animation, manga, cosplay, movies, food, fashion, travel, technology, toys, and games in the heart of NYC! For more, visit

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: Wow and to think that I was excited about the Anime NYC convention before. Now that you are telling me about all the delicious eats to be found I think I know where I will be on more than one occasion during the convention. That’s all I have to add to the mix but please be sure to click over to our other postings about the convention and get ready to start following the fun via our social networks of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. See you next time and oh yeah, feel free to chime in down below in the comments section if you are attending this event. Tickets are still on sale but the prices will go up on the opening day so don’t delay at all. Sayonara.

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