An “Unblackened” Tasting With Zakk Wylde In NYC (8/6/2013)

The other night I had the chance to be one of the members of the NYC music press in attendance for a special preview of Black Label Society’s upcoming “Unblackened” CD, DVD and Blu-ray release. The special event was for select members of the press and Eagle Rock Entertainment and eOne Entertainment staff and it would be moderated by Guitar World magazines Brad Tolinski. We needed a moderator present because the NJ Berzerker himself, Mr. Zakk Wylde would be in attendance to field questions for us. To read more about the experience and to enjoy a gallery of photos I snagged just click the logo below. I opted to use the ZW one instead of BLS since he was the only member of the band in attendance.

The full article has all the “need to know” details along with a photo gallery but I wanted to share some of the visuals with you folks here as well for good measure. How nice am I? You’re very welcome 🙂

Welcome To The Collective
Brad Tolinski
Zakk Wylde
Zakk Wylde
“Unblackened” Advertisement

The release date for the whole shebang will be on September 24th and don’t forget that Zakk and the rest of Black Label Society will be rumbling into a town near you on the remaining nights of “Gigantour”. We caught them last night which is why this posting went up a day later than I had planned. They delivered for sure and now I am even more excited for this DVD release. I will most likely get a copy of the Blu-ray as I have been loving those of late.

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