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An Overview Of IDW Publishing’s “Eternal Descent” Issue #3

Welcome back, I am continuing and actually finishing up with the discussions about the first few issues of the IDW Published title “Eternal Descent” and since I had been out of the regular collecting mode for a few years l was not as up on this as I would have liked to be. The premise of the comic is that of an “Urban Gothic Fantasy” and it’s the brainchild of musician/writer Llexi Leon. Leon is the founder of a label called Incendiary Records and he has created the virtual band Eternal Descent to tell his stories. Over time he realized that music would not be able to deliver the stories in the same fashion as the comics and here we are. It’s an epic fantasy and mystery that pits good against evil and does so with some of the Metal world’s biggest stars as guest characters along the way. I got my hands on the first three issues of the title and offer up some overview on each of them along with some cover art. This is the summary of the third issue. Enjoy.

Issue #3: Loki starts off the action by taking over the mind of an as yet unnamed Rocker but it’s obvious he is a member of the Power Metal band Firewind. More clues unravel about the mysteries of Lyra Constance who now seems to be travelling with Sirian in order to make more sense about her past and present. The two meet up with guitarist Gus G. in order to help out their singer Apollo (who was the victim at the stories opener). Some magic guitar from our Metallic Angel helps the band to get back onstage and smite the demons with fire, lightning and other powerful energy bolts. The crowd merely thinks they got one hell of a light show during the Firewind gig. The adventure continues.

Thoughts: I had to say that I didn’t enjoy this one as much as I had hoped and felt that if we are going to find the storylines being a demonic occurrence that happens during a bands show and gets resolved in an instant by the musicians and the angel that the stories and the title are going to run their course very fast. I will admit that it was cool to see Gus G. being portrayed as played a flaming ESP guitar for a few panels but I do want a little more exciting of a story. As with the God Forbid storyline that preceded this one, my hope is that it makes whoever is reading the title more aware of the band and has them investigate what they are all about. As with the previous issues there is an interview at the close with both Apollo and Gus G. It’s a fun read since the interviewer does not ask the obvious questions to the musicians.

That brings me to the end of these quick narratives because I have run out of issues to speak of. I did reach out to the company about sending me the others since this is perfect comic book and Heavy Metal content for our demographic. I’ve noted how the fourth issue seems to feature Wayne Static and if we are going to get a representation of a Rock Star each month I am curious who else will be chosen. I hope that Leon sticks to some underground players as much as the more notable ones since it will give people a chance to learn about them as well if they are curious enough. I’ll repeat my closing since it’s how I have felt about the whole bunch of issues I reviewed. I would love to see this succeed as it’s got some difference from the conventional hero in tights with super powers framework but it really needs to have a little more depth and answer more of the questions now that three issues are out of the way.

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