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An Overview Of DC Comics: “My Greatest Adventure” Issue #2

Since I had blogged about the DC Comics relaunch of titles last month, I decided that perhaps this is something that should be looked into for the Blog readers a little more often when it is possible to do so. That being said I snared the first two issues of a new six-issue mini-series called “My Greatest Adventure”. It’s a revisit to an anthology title that ran way back in 1955 and offered readers the first appearance of The Doom Patrol in 1963. The Doom Patrol was a great group of misfit characters who have gone through many different series and incarnations over the years and in this new title, the group’s most popular member Robotman continues his adventures. The series also hosts short tales about Garbage Man and Tanga (who is an alien from a faraway place). I’ve put together some quick thoughts about the second issue for your enjoyment.

“My Greatest Adventure” #2

Issue #2 Overview: Serialized Adventures Of Robotman, Garbage Man and Tanga

Robotman: With the zombies taken care of we learn how Cliff fuels or “feeds” his Robotman body. Apparently it can consume and turn anything into the energy that it needs to keep functioning. I liked how he was not some endless supply of energy and hence totally unstoppable. The chance of his running low at the wrong time makes for interesting storytelling. This tale finds our hero heading to Zanzibar for more answers about what is causing them to exist and instead finding a lot more trouble. It will be interesting to see how he gets out of this one for sure. Matt Kindt writes and Scott Kolins draws.

Garbage Man: The mystery of Garbage Man continues to develop and when one is in Gotham City can Batman be far away from the action? No he cannot. So we end up finding the caped crusader directing his attention to the creature and lining out some more of the circumstances behind the monsters secret identity. Garbage Man also meets his former life assistant and she does not handle it well. She just cannot believe it is him and while he explains a bit of what he thinks happened she runs. It’s at this point that The Batman shows up and he aims to find out what the creatures motives are in his usual fashion. I guess the big fight is next issue before they come to terms of some kind. Story and pencils by Aaron Lopresti with inks by Matt Ryan.

Tanga: We left Tanga in a frozen state just as some nasties prepared to do her in but at the last moment she was back. There were a lot of sweeping space scenes which I felt wasted storytelling space in such a short few pages but it’s made up for with the introduction of some other alien races so more about Tanga and her missions will likely be revealed. I will stick around and see what comes of it. Kevin Maguire does the story and art.

Closing Thoughts: So far the order of preference of the stories are the same as how they are presented in the title. Robotman is the clear winner with Garbage Man generating enough of my curiosity to be a close second. Tanga is showing that there might be some promise here and I guess by next issue she will have me enjoying her story much more. The artwork by all the creative teams in this title is spot on and definitely what I like to see. Nice work.

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