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AMC Presents: “4th and Loud” Official Trailer

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While there never really seems to be the proper time to tune into the shows we like to watch, we are guilty of watching a few of the so-called “Reality Shows” that air during the week with shows like “Survivor”, “The Amazing Race” and “America’s Got Talent”. Now it looks like the legendary Hottest Band In The World” will be expanding their reach with a program of their own that is not so much based on their musical world but instead with their business side of the fence as they delve into the world of Arena Football. Let’s take a glance at the trailer for this series to come.

The Premise: 4th and Loud is an American reality television series that debuted August 12, 2014, on the AMC cable network. The series chronicles Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley (of the rock band KISS) as they establish their new Arena Football League franchise, the Los Angeles KISS, and try to bring their vision to the sport. (c/o Wiki)

The Cast:
Gene Simmons – Co-owner
Paul Stanley – Co-owner
Doc McGhee – Kiss manager
Brett Bouchy – Co-owner
Schuyler Hoversten – Team president
Bob McMillen – Head coach
Bruno Silva – Head Athletic Trainer
Colt Brennan – Quarterback
Scott Bailey – Director of player personnel
J. J. Raterink – Quarterback
Beau Bell – Linebacker
B. J. Bell – Defensive linemen
Russell Shaw – Assistant coach
Grady Tucker, Jr. – Assistant coach
Walt Housman – Defensive coordinator

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’m not going to lie to you and pretend to be anything that is a person who is remotely interested in sports stuff because I am not. I don’t even attend any of the Superbowl parties that my friends have unless they are cooking up some good eats and have interesting people to talk to and perhaps generate some interest in my website offerings. Ask them, they will readily admit that anything sports and I are a lost cause LOL. I am not embarassed about this at all. So will I watch this new show? Most likely not religiously and only on the chance that I have time to clear the episodes off my DVR. I am not being negative here at all but its not up my alley and might only be for those KISS fans who are not only diehard football fans but are also those who need to know the inner workings of the stuff that builds a team. As far as soap opera stuff I am 0% interested. I will program it sure but does that alone compel me to watch? Probably not since I have too many shows on my schedule to focus on. Please let me know what you think down in the comments section below as I’d love to hear from you on this. Thanks for reading.

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