“Amaranthine” by Gwynbleidd

Artist: Gwynbleidd
Title: “Amaranthine”
Label: Unsigned
Release Date:
Genre: Atmospheric/Progressive/Black Metal
Rating: Very Good

The moment you begin listening to the EP “Amaranthine” by Gwynbleidd you would never in 1000 years imagine that the band is originates from Brooklyn. Yet despite the disbelief this is indeed the case and I proudly present to you one of the rising stars in the world of Dark, Atmospheric, Progressive Metal. The bands EP is 40 minutes in length give or take a minute and it is a winner on several counts; calling to mind the greats that preceded them and who also successfully mixed Celtic, Black, Progressive and Doom elements together. Bands that established levels of acclaim in music that still resonate today. The music of Gwynbleidd is a musical stew with a number of different flavors to enjoy and it is sure to be something that the fans of Opeth, Enslaved and Agalloch will quickly take to. Each of the four songs (and long ones at that) are deep musical expressions which will merit a second and third listen in order to best be appreciated. The band is made up of Michal (leads/rhythm guitars, clean vox), Adam (drums and percussion), Maciej (guitars/growled vox), and Jakub (bass); and they are currently working on a full-length recording. They’ve established some distribution from The End Records and it seems that it is only a matter of time before someone sign up this group for their own recording contract. Good job guys.

Track Listing:
1. Nostalgia
2. New Setting
3. The Awakening
4. Lure Of The Land

Official Web site: www.gwynbleidd.com

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