“All The Splendor And Rot” by Slugnut

Artist: Slugnut
Title: “All The Splendor And Rot”
Label: Independent Release (Unsigned)
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Hardcore/Thrash Metal
Rating: Very Good

Bringing a hefty dose of Hardcore inspired Metal to the table comes Slugnut straight out of North Carolina. The interesting thing about them right off the bat is the fact that their lead vocalist is also their drummer Jason Wheeler. You normally find this sort of thing in a Power or Melodic band but seldom in a group that so focuses on brutal thrashings. Wheeler does fine in the role and until I perused the CD booklet and promo sheet I would have thought him a singer on his own while another drummer slammed the kit. Keith Fairweather and Nate Harriss handle the guitars and bass and I think for those fans that like stuff like old school Hardcore of DRI and the thrashings of Pro-Pain will enjoy the stuff that Slugnut does. The guys do a good job in this area. I liked the recording, as it was professionally delivered but in some cases there is a level of similarity in the basic structure of the songs. I find that this is the case that this genre gets the most as the emphasis aims at what the singer is screaming and the consistent riff to stomp to more than overall diversity in the playing. I give credit to Wheeler for mixing up the drumming a little bit more than one often finds in this type of music. The 14 song CD rates a very good and is worth looking into if you like Hardcore inspired Metal along the lines of Hatebreed and a group that offers respect to the old school then this is a band you will like. I leaned towards “Revoked”, “Aggressive Front” and “Livid” the most myself.

My main criticism if any would be that Wheeler does NOT change his vocal style as we have been seeing other bands doing lately to mix it up. I think he should experiment a little bit in this direction to see if it works for the band in order to foster some more growth as a unit.

Track Listing:
1. Livid
2. Blue Wall
3. Smear
4. Red, White and Who?
5. Placenta Diablo
6. Squirty
7. Aggressive Front
8. Revoked
9. Stranger Image
10. Cut Feeling
11. All The Splendor And Rot
12. Road Rage
13. Cornerbag
14. Lash

Official Website: www.slugnut.com

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