All That Remains & Lacuna Coil @ Fillmore at Irving Plaza (9/23/2009)

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Artist:   All That Remains
Venue:    The Fillmore NY (New York, NY)
Date:    9/23/2009
Opener:    Lacuna Coil, Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster, From Sword To Sunrise
Label:    Razor & Tie Entertainment

They called tonight’s event “The Hard Drive Live” tour and what an exciting show it would be as it paired the intensity of All That Remains as the headliner with direct support from none other than Lacuna Coil. Kicking off the evening would be a band called From Sword To Sunrise and then a dose of Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster to really work the fans up. I had not seen the two lead off bands but was well aware of how good Lacuna Coil and ATR were onstage so I was rather excited to see them working together for the sake of our entertainment.

From Sword to Sunrise: Starting off the night would be Spokane, Washington’s own FSTS and while the venue was not yet at full capacity, the crowd was steadily building in the room and people were applauding what they were doing up there. Musically I felt that while tight it was not loaded with any surprises or stuff that left me begging for more from them, but that sometimes is the case which is experienced when a totally new band presents themselves in front of them. Vocally, their singer Seth used a blend of clean and dark styles to some effect and I would give them the fact that for a first time ever in NYC that they probably made some fans for themselves. They have their own released CD available which is self titled and was apparently up for purchase at the shows for those who wanted to give them a deeper listen. Maybe sometime soon I will see them again which I would not mind and I had to say that this was probably a great gig for a band like this to be a part of. Now it was onto Maylene and the Sons of Disaster.

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster: Even though these guys have been around for awhile I had never caught them in concert so here I was ready to check out another “new” band to my eyes and ears. I liked what they were doing when they came onto the stage and was surprised to learn that this was a Christian band as I couldn’t really tell if the themes that they were singing about were along the similar lines of bands like Stryper or Holy Soldier. The interesting thing also about tonight was that the bands original singer Dallas Taylor was not in the lineup and in his place doing the vocals would be Schuylar Croom who people know as the front man from He Is Legend. I was enjoying their set and while the band is often labeled as more of a Metalcore outfit, I felt that they reminded me of a heavier version of something akin to the Black Crowes. They would deliver a healthy set list and one that was a little longer than I expected from the second band to be given the time for. The band has three albums and is currently signed to Ferret Music, their most recent recording is simply titled “III”. Now Italy was going to take over as the stage was prepared for Lacuna Coil.

Lacuna Coil: As much as I love what Lacuna Coil does, I must admit that I have not been as crazy about their latest stuff as I had wanted myself to be. Perhaps the reason is that I might just need to listen to it a little more and give it the proper chance because this is certainly a talented band that gives the audience a very entertaining show when they get on the stage. I think tonight marks the fifth or sixth time that I have seen the band perform and my own history with them goes back a few years when I caught them as an opener for Type-O-Negative. I liked what they did back then and was happy to see them rising in popularity and continue their opening slots of note with bands like Stone Sour and the various festival shows and their headlining that “Hottest Chicks In Metal” tour from a couple of years ago. The bands newest release is called “Shallow Life” and tonight they would be delivering five songs from that album in the total run of eight tunes that they would play. It seemed that this would have been six had the band performed their full set but technical difficulties kept them from hitting the stage fast and with the curfew of the venue being something that the headliner would be stuck dealing with, they cut out “Not Enough”.

Latest album “Shallow Life” found five of the eight tunes. It would have been six but they crossed off “Not Enough” just before performing. With the new album being more of an Alt-Hard Rock piece and much less the Gothic Metal than I was used to experiencing from them made me lean to the scant number of tracks from albums like “Comalies” and “Karmacode” but I had to say that they did know their way around the genre that they have morphed themselves into. Fronted by Cristina Scabbia, the band remains tight in the live sense and her every move captivates the audience even though co-lead singer Andrea Ferro is doing a great job at his role as well. I’m now used to the dual lead vocalists and especially when it is done like this, meaning two singers of a different vocal register. If you give me two growling singers, or two screamers I kind of feel that this is a waste of time. Cristina sure knows how to make the guys in the audience scream when she smiles and periodically directs the stage chatter to her adoring public. In addition to her talent, she seems to not only be one of the prettiest faces in Metal but also one of the most sincere to those who are providing her band support. The eight songs would go by very quickly and while I would have enjoyed their delivering “Enjoy The Silence” by Depeche Mode, they would not do it this evening. Oh well, I am sure that they will return soon enough and play a little longer set for us all. Now it was onto ATR and the crowd was ready to go berserk.

All That Remains: Let’s rewind a minute here…..a few months ago when In Flames and ATR were scheduled to tour, I had to admit that I was very excited about just how off the register this show would be, but sadly some medical stuff came up and found ATR pulling out so their singer Phil could recover. The In Flames show was still awesome and featured Gojira as well, but a key part of the excitement had been pulled out of the Metal battery and hence the assault was not as magnified as it should have been. Tonight anyone who had wanted to see them perform was making good and it seems that the moment they hit the stage that the general area of the floor comes alive. This is unlike any mosh pit that I have seen, and even the Slayer ones are different by comparison because the fan base for ATR is largely the Metal youth of tomorrow and they don’t seem to care how fast they go or how long the pit continues – only thing that matters is that they started it up and plan on keeping it alive. This was to be the case from note one from the ATR set. The band was still supporting their latest release “Overcome” and of course continuing to deliver a healthy chunk of “The Fall Of Ideals” which was my first go at the band and has kept me a fan since. As a front man Phil is fantastic and gets right in your faces during the show. He loves to lean over the photo pit barrier and reach out to the crowd with the microphone.

With the album “Overcome” being the latest and greatest the band would support the release very strongly with the tour and deliver about five songs from the album. They wouldn’t let this be the only thing on their mind and would thankfully pay heavy attention to “The Fall Of Ideals” by playing five from that one as well. The running close to curfew time based on the late starting off time would cause the band to drop two from their seventeen song set list and while I am sure that this disappointed the fans just a little bit, in the end it was only a ten minute loss of material at best based on the speed and ferocity of the band on the stage. I’m really happy to see them handling the headlining stage with such a level of command because it was not too long ago where I saw them as an opener for Arch Enemy at this very club and I can say how they made some big strides in a very short span of time. I’m very interested in seeing how the next album from them comes across whenever they end up doing one and if you are still someone who has not witnessed them in concert but like this sound, then I recommend that you get yourself to one of their gigs and wear comfortable sneakers if you plan on braving the circle pit.

Even though this was a kick ass show I did expect a few more people to be in place but then again the school semester had just kicked in a few weeks ago and many of the usual faces were either away at school or not permitted to hit this event since it was middle of the week for them. Such is the price to be paid by the adventuring Metal fan these days. The place was crowded but it was not as packed as I remembered another headlining appearance being. This much surprised me considering we had Lacuna Coil on board for the tour as well and they did some serious good tonight even though they had a minor set to perform. Let’s hope that the next go round for “The Hard Drive Live” tour brings together some interesting bands and has a good showing whenever it rumbles through town. After tonight, I know that I will be marking the calendar with this as a to-do event without question. NYC was setting up the Metal for the fans to close out their month properly as in a couple of days we would find Kittie returning to B.B. King Blues Club and right after that one would be Obituary, the legends of American Death Metal. After my own seeing three gigs in a twenty four hour span last week I knew that I could handle both of these without incident.

Lacuna Coil Set List:
1. Survive
2. Underdog
3. To The Edge
4. I’m Not Afraid
5. Heaven’s A Lie
6. I Won’t Tell You
7. Not Enough (omitted)
8. Spellbound
9. Our Truth

All That Remains Set List:
1. Before The Damned
2. Not Alone
3. Catalyst
4. Air
5. The Weak Willed
6. Forever
7. It Dwells In Me
8. Overcome
9. Focus (omitted)
10. Deepest Gray (omitted)
11. This Calling
12. Undone
13. Chiron
14. Days Without
15. Do Not Obey
16. Two Weeks
17. Six

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  1. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who thinks Lacuna Coil isn’t what it used to be a few years ago… Still an awesome band however!

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