All Shall Perish Singer Shall Vocalize For Suicide Silence!!!

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Just in case you missed the news that was announced the other day, it seems as Hernan “Eddie” Herminda (current lead singer for All Shall Perish) has officially been announced as the new lead vocalist for Suicide Silence. He replaces Mitch Lucker who was killed in a motorcycle accident back in November 2012.

Eddie Hermida of All Shall Perish (2010)

According to the Suicide Silence page, Eddie has moved on completely from All Shall Perish to dedicate his time and focus on Suicide Silence which means that there is an open position in ASP immediately. Singers who think that they have the chops to do this kind of stuff should start digging around for how to submit a demo for consideration. While I’ve never managed to catch Suicide Silence in the live sense before I had caught All Shall Perish doing their thing. As a matter of fact the shots that you see in this post were taken by me when they were one of the many bands performing on the “Summer Slaughter” Tour of 2010. If you ask me I feel that he is a solid choice for the job so let’s see if the fans of Lucker and the band will rally behind him. At least another name band singer is moving into the role so that should be a little easier a transition.

Eddie Hermida of All Shall Perish (2010)

Keep up with the developments in both band camps via their official website links

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Suicide Silence:

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