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All-New Marvel Now! Onsale In May 2014

Continuing along with the now monthly presentation of the Marvel Comics titles that are being delivered under their branding of the “All-New Marvel Now!” here are the brand new first issues that we shall be seeing in May of 2014. There is not a lot of brand new title releases with this particular month but we do have some offerings that come to you free of charge thanks to “Free Comic Book Day” (and I will toast this in a post as well tomorrow for good measure).

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I’ve been snipping the descriptions of the titles from the Official Wikipedia entries since that let’s us get a quick premise of the new title and an idea of who the creative team will be on the title. It’s much easier for this particular solicitation purposes. Here we go with the newest first issues from Marvel Comics.

Comic - Cyclops 1 - 2014

Cyclops: Writer Greg Rucka, Artist Russell Dauterman: The series deals with the time-displaced, young Cyclops, brought to the present in All-New X-Men, joining his father Corsair on a cosmic road trip. Rucka said, “This is a story about the two of them. At the heart of everything we’re going to do here, it’s about these two. When you think about that 16-year-old Scott, what he’s carrying into this is pretty obvious. “I’ve spent eight years as an orphan, I’ve moved from place to place, and some places have been awful. I got to a place that was a good place, relatively, I had a father figure in Xavier, and I had a purpose — and then all of that got disrupted. And then here comes my real dad, and he’s Han Solo!” So that’s awesome right there.”

Comic - Guardians Of The Galaxy 1 - FCBD - 2014

Guardians Of The Galaxy (FCBD): Writer Brian Bendis, Artist Nick Bradshaw: In the issue, released for Free Comic Book Day, Captain Marvel and Venom join the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Comic - Rocket Raccoon 1 - FCBD - 2014

Rocket Raccoon (FCBD): Writer Joe Caramagna, Artist Adam Archer: A free all-ages comic book starring Rocket Raccoon by the creative team of Joe Caramagna and Adam Archer. About the team, editor Mark Paniccia said, “Joe Caramagna is our premier all-ages writer. Adam Archer is a prolific artist with an energetic and dynamic style. Great expressions and comedic timing. He was born to draw bipedal, ray gun toting raccoons!”

My Thoughts: I’ve only ever been the casual fan of Cyclops in the X-Men and was more of a Wolverine, Gambit, Nightcrawler etc. kind of reader but the involvement of Corsair might make this interesting. I love the angle of a cosmically spanning adventure and that brings me to both Rocket Raccoon and Guardians of The Galaxy who will be doling out free titles this month for Free Comic Book Day. Having seen the trailer for the upcoming live action film I am no longer skeptical that Marvel made a dangerous move in offering up these characters as a part of the Cinematic Universe. Marvel Comics is much more than Earth alone and we need to dig into its cosmic creations so these two titles should be a treat.   I think since its an all ages issue that Rocket Raccoon will find himself being the subject of numerous toys going forward.  This film cannot come fast enough for me right now and the two titles might be a nice treat for what is to come. What do you readers think? Anything to add to the mix here? Leave it in the comments which are open for your pontification.

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